Lft sub 4 nute 5 man nightmare

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After over 3,000 nightmare kc, my 5 man pb is (was) 3:43 with 75/99/75 stats. This was achieved before the introduction of combat achievements and is not retroactive. I am seeking to complete the master speed-chaser challenge of sub 4 minutes. The time above was before the release of thralls and without any member of the 5 using a harmonised staff.

Since the release of phosani's nightmare, I have had difficulty in finding teams with sufficient gear to make the time possible. I'm looking for a group that I can tank/dwh 8 kc trips for (I run bandos + mace with infernal) ideally geared with inquisitor's and scythe, as those were the setups for my previous time. I'm thinking thralls could also make the time more consistent.

If you are interested or have suggestions, feel free to pm me in game. Any drops can be ffa or split; I just want the time.

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