Patch Notes - 24/02

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FiFi LaFeles
Dec Member 2015

FiFi LaFeles

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You need to take the Diversity changes further.

Would you allow, in game, a homosexual male to be portrayed as some sort of effeminate, foppish, mincing character such as that beloved of old time stand-up comedians? No, of course you wouldn't.

So why have you got a central character - an elderly female - depicted as an ugly toothless hag with pronounced mandibular prognathism?

As an elderly female myself I am not happy about this stereotype or that you feel it is okay to present an elderly female in this manner. Perhaps Jagex think it's fine to caricature the elderly in such an unkind way.

The Jagex Diversity Discord states, on it's Twitter, that "Diversity is a large spectrum and encompasses age,.....etc" and yet here I am, feeling mocked and pigeonholed due to my age :(

I don't object to the wrinkles or even the wheelchair (albeit that not all elderly people are also disabled) but ... age = ugly? Not cool.
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This is why retroactively ‘fixing* historic examples of perceived discrimination, causes problems.

Where does the line get drawn? What can / can*t be considered discriminatory.
Arguments could easily made regarding the majority of Runescapes npc’s.
“Wise old man” should hence forth be only known as Dionysius for example, use his actual name.

As it stands Jagex will ultimately get flak from both camps, those that think they’re going too far, and those that think they haven’t done enough.
Equality’s great, but it should be something natural and not something to placate yourself to pressure groups, for some ‘good’ publicity.

Edit: Seems to be something up with Jagexs profanity filter, occasionally turning [ ‘ ] into [ * ].
, the patch week pet.
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FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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Also .... I wonder if Jagex consulted the National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups prior to the update, so see if any Gypsies were offended by Gypsy Aris.

I wonder if, indeed, they consulted any of the other various groups and associations dedicated to Roma, Gypsies and Travellers?

Or was the decision made by a bunch of people that have no actual knowledge of Gypsies but are merely seeking to flex at anything they perceive as a slur, from their position of ignorance.

I think if they really wanted to do something, they should have replaced the word 'Gypsy' with the word 'Roma', thereby not sacrificing and obliterating Aris' heritage for the sake of satisfying their own agenda.

The UK Government has an Act in place to protect the rights and dignity of minority groups; The Equality Act 2010 and this specifically encompasses Romany gypsies, Irish travellers, Scottish gypsies and travellers and Welsh gypsies and travellers, as well as a number of other groups. Note the use of the specific word "Gypsy".

The word is only a slur if you want it to be. In and of itself it is inoffensive. Gypsies themselves refer to themselves as Gypsies (or sometimes Roma).
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25-Feb-2020 11:01:53

Roddy Piper
Jan Member 2011

Roddy Piper

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OK I totally admit that I don't understand the whole 'diversity' thing. Being a hermit and all. But simply changing the names in Poly shows a certain level of cluelessness. IF they don't all have the same name then why do they have the description still? Could have just removed the name Ali and left it as that.

Wasn't that like the whole point? And did Jagex just google whatever 'race' they thought these folks were and take the most popular names? None of them are named Clyde, Randy or Tito?

BIZARRE. I think they don't even understand what they are trying to do. In fact I am most certain of that. From past experience.

P.S. I checked the invention interface and it is very good. Now that it's something other than a big pile of junk I can look through there and see if anything is useful. But not now. Maybe this year. Or next. I only figured out that augmented weapons were useful like 2 months ago. So don't expect a lot of progress from me. :P

25-Feb-2020 14:55:18

Boldly Rule
Feb Member 2010

Boldly Rule

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1. Consider this one written in bright red letters: Pls put Edgevile as the first option on wildy sword 4 (fyi it used to be like that). Undoing things that work is not cool.
2. Make revenant drop enhancers stackable in bank
3. Pls let us take souls out of Player owned dungeon and keep them in bank or at least let us move them from room to room. Getting some souls is very hard so some flexibility would be practical..
4. Add some teles to Anachronia. Ain't nobody got time for that running ...
5. Seedbag is very needed
6. New skill more bank space plls

26-Feb-2020 04:08:31

Urban Rave

Urban Rave

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Are game developers really so sensitive they felt the need to adjust dialogue and names in something probably half as old as they are, and potentially has been around longer than they've spent working in the game industry?

Man, you people are such damn babies that you'd make changes to that. It's not going to ruin the game for me more than some of the more glaring issues with Runescape itself, but of all the priorities and things you could have changed, some genius sincerely thought this would be a worthwhile improvement to the game.

I don't care what position you hold, what your experience is... anybody involved in greenlighting these changes are all fools. You're a threat to artistic integrity, I wish you, and everyone else who thinks like you would just not work in the game industry anymore if this sort of thing offends you enough that you think it should be censored, and edited. You all represent the type of backwards thinking that makes everything about modern gaming worse as time goes on.

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Roddy Piper
Jan Member 2011

Roddy Piper

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In BGH the circle of visibility for the dinos is now completely white and does not change, compared to the normal multi-colored warning system.

I suspect sabotage and I would consider patch notes to be a person of interest. Assuming they are a person.

If not for my legendary abilities as a dinosaur hunter this would be a major problem. Even at that I was distracted enough to have failed twice!

As compensation I would expect one dinosaur egg. Specifically a female scimitops.

Alternately, you could fix this issue and call it even.

27-Feb-2020 16:54:17

P i l i b
Jul Member 2015

P i l i b

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You had me at "Flies are now stackable" and then you went and ruined it.

Thanks for all the good stuff, but please stop with the "one hand gives, the other takes away" approach.

All the best.

29-Feb-2020 18:31:05

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"Lady Deathknell has closed down the Combat Academy and the Lumbridge Market has noticed the free real estate and moved in. The nearby Bank chest remains intact. Some of the combat training dummies have been moved to Burthorpe's training camp."

It appears that the achievement "Blast and Hellfire" is no longer possible due to this.

14-Mar-2020 18:12:04

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