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Roddy Piper
Jan Member 2011

Roddy Piper

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"Known Issues did not include the bug regarding Herblore Habitat Jadinkos not recognizing the auto-reapply of the Hunter Potion. I've been avoiding trying to get Jadinkos for the P.O.Farm until this gets fixed."

This reminds me, I hunted some Draconic J*dinkos on Anachronia a few days ago so I could finish the breeding log. The re-applied hunter potion lasted far beyond 10 minutes. Possibly forever, but luckily I got a breeding pair and logged out.

03-Mar-2020 02:50:57

Da Warrior

Da Warrior

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Hey Mod Kari,

There is a bug when I'm mining it shows and acts like a different pickaxe while mining. I have a rune pickaxe in my Toolbelt and when I mine it shows a adamant pickaxe. when I take it out of my toolbelt it stops showing adamant pickaxe. Can you please tell me why is this happing a lot of players are experiencing this type of issue when we are mining.

thank you for your time.

05-Mar-2020 03:56:14



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almost every one i see has this issue. it is a problem and it needs to be dealt with, so please fix it. :) Release control art restriction 3. 2. 1. Approval of situation A recognized. Commencing cromwell invocation, ability restriction lifted for limited use, until the enemy has been rendered... silent.

05-Mar-2020 04:12:21

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