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So I've encountered some problems with quest that may or may not be fixed since I haven't reported issues immediately(some for months) when I encountered it.

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S8
Model Number: SM-G950U
Location: United States
Wifi: Yes
Cellular: 4G
Data Provider: T-Mobile
OS: Android
OS version: 8.0 (upgraded to 9.0 in April)

Multiple Quest
There are some instances such as when the character uses thought to talk that causes blue text. This makes it somewhat hard to read since the background of the mobile text bar uses a blueish background. A couple of quest had this but I can only remember Hazelmere talking to me as the only example on the top of my head.

Land of the Goblins
When turning into a goblin, your character talks using the desktop version of the chat box instead of the mobile version.

Plagues End
When fighting the last boss, the fps drops massively from the darkness dropped on the floor. During the last 2 phases of the boss the fps drops to less than 5 fps. I haven't experienced frame rate drops as bad as this on mobile anywhere else (even w84 Combat Academy and w2 Burthope during reset isn't as bad).

The World Wakes
During the puzzle portion of the quest, the puzzle control panel is positioned in the middle of the screen. Also, trying to rotate the tracks is frustrating since the tracks are extremely small and cannot be zoomed in on to get a precise handle on everything.

Text Choices
This probably is a known issue (although I didn't see anything on the known issues thread) but when clicking text too fast and a series of options comes up, you will sometimes be unable to click any option. You have to restart the conversation and not spam click through the text to prevent this.

There are actually a lot more problems that I've experienced with many quest in this game but I forgot. I'll add on if I remember any along with the rest of my quest that need to be finished.

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A Clockwork Syringe
When controlling Baron von Hattenkrapper, the seagull, the interface was placed on top on him making it somewhat tough to determine the drop distance of the cannonballs. This is not a big issue as this portion of the quest can still be completed with some trial and error.
Also, on the part where you have to place powdered kegs on the construction line to blow up the factory, the game zooms you in too much preventing you from easily clicking the construction line on the right side.

River of Blood
Currently it is impossible to complete a section on mobile and you will need to use the desktop version of Runescape instead. After the fight with Wyrd on the Paterdomus bridge, Efaritay comes and kills Wyrd, but there is no transition to the next scene where Vanescula will tell the vampires to retreat. In the desktop version, Wyrd will say "Gah!" thus letting you continue the conversion while the mobile version allows you the option complete this text early.

The Chosen Commander
After the part where you kill Walton during the beginning of the quest for food poisoning, a white star shaped light constantly shined along with a constant unsettling noise. I am unsure if this is a mobile specific problem since I remember this same thing occurring after completing this on the desktop version a few years back as well. Decided to put this anyways since I remembered it. Exiting to the lobby and logging back in during the mobile version fixed the graphical bug and sound.

Dishonor Amoung Thieves
This quest is impossible to complete fully in the current state. During the part where you have to constantly read memories using Moia after Jerrod captures a guard, the probes are all statically placed on the top left portion of the screen. Thus you can not find the memories of the guard using the mobile version of the game. Instead you will forced to use the desktop version for this portion of the quest.

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Hero's Welcome
During the fight with the abomination in the second phase, there is a noticeable frame rate drop which seems to be caused by the constant falling rocks.

The Light Within
There is a non-important graphical bug at the part when your character carries Seren to Freneskae. Seren turns invisible in your characters arms. Not sure if this graphic bug is mobile specific or not. It looks awkward in the cutscene and when your character is trying to dodge muspah while you carry Seren supposedly in your arms.

Daemonheim Dungeoneering
If you finish a dungeoneering floor and instantly click any quest in the quest list at the same time, the screen turns black. You can hear the sound of the XP and token gain but you can't do anything except wait out the timer for the next floor or restart the app. Can be easily reproduced.
Also, there is a noticeable frame rate drop in dungeoneering floors. This can be seen when doing the sinkhole d&d as well.

Nadir Fremenik Saga
Receiving the unabridged tomb by probing the three characters in game is impossible on mobile since you can't hover to find the memories. You can only click the probes to complete the abridged saga and will have to use the Desktop version to compete the unabridged version

Brightness issue
An issue relating to the brightness seemed to appear recently. When logging in the game might be too dark but this issue can be fixed by restarting the app. I noticed that text on the top left side of the screen saying "pre-loading shaders" was in the process of loading up to 100% when the brightness was correctly working so that might have something to do with it.
Here is a series of screenshots detailing this at Yu'biusk
Bug with textures on:

Bug with textures off:

Normal with textures on:

Normal with textures off

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Nomad's Elegy
During the second and third phase when fighting the nomad, a non-dismissible text with a large background appears with the saying, "Can you handle my wrath!" signalling that the nomad will be firing his 7500(or 9000 with Stone of Jas) damage attack. This chat text background covers the bottom by about 1/3 of the phone screen. The problem is that this irremovable chat box blocks the use of the combat abilities on mobile. If combat mode (the fist on the bottom left screen) is turned off, you will not be able to cast resonance in time due to the text background and will take the full damage attack killing or almost killing you. If combat mode is turned on, you will have to wait until the text is finished and nomad has fired his attack, leaving you with less than a second to cast resonance depending on how far he is for the attack to travel to you. Turning on "Tap-through chat boxes" in the mobile settings does not fix the issue as you cannot click behind the chat to activate abilities.

When playing as Xenia, Death, and Icthlarin between the first, second, and third phases after fighting the nomad, their abilities are placed on the middle of the screen and are small. This makes it very uncomfortable to click on the correct abilities as well as position you fingers in the middle of the screen.

When Interrogating Legio Septimus, the bug with the unselectable chat options when spam clicking(which I already talked about in the first post) makes this section very painful to complete.

Talking to the hydra familiar brings up the desktop chat box. This might be the case with other familiars as well.

Tales of the God Wars
There are two different cutscenes that cannot be completed because the chat box will not let you progress. Hel**r's memory and Final memory are the two in question that aren't able to be viewed to the end in the mobile app.

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Pieces of Hate
In the Rabid Jack invasion, part of interface that shows the location of attacks is blocked by the minimized chat button and tap to switch enemies button. In the part on blowing up the rum crab entrance, the seagull's(Baron von Hattenkrapper) movement interface is on top of him blocking the view, which is the same situation as the clockwork syringe quest.

Switching between apps
Switching from the Runescape app to a different app and back to the Runescape app will cause the compass on the map to dissapear. The prayer icon shown above a characters head will be invisible as well if it was turned on before the app was switched. This can be fixed by restarting the app. This bug is reproducible.
Switching apps also duplicates names of users in friends chat by 1 each time you switch the RuneScape application from and back to the app. This is also easily reproducible.

Court Summons
Choosing any option for the choice to prosecute or defend on any case you receive at the court in Seers village will force the game to logout. This is just a minor inconvenience as the choice the player made whether it was prosecute or defend will be saved after logging back into the game. This is reproducible.

Anachronia Cutscene
When traveling to Anachronia for the first time on the Stormbreaker ship, the cutscene plays with a small portion of the bottom cut out including the the subtitles. It looks like the whole cutscene isn't centered properly.

Memorial to Guthix
Adding charged enegrams to the plinths crashes the app. The crashes didn't occur until after adding the the 4th enegram and beyond. The crashes are consistent and after adding a new emagram when restarting the app will still cause another crash.

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You are it
I tried this quest on mobile as of Dec 5th, 2020 and the quest cannot be completed. The cutscene that you get next to Duke Horacio after using the cry and panick emote quits abruptly on the second scene. You cannot go past this part in the quest without fully watching the cutscene and are thus unable to complete the quest on the mobile app.

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