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Welcome to the RuneScape Mobile Members Beta!

PLEASE NOTE: Only RuneScape members can currently access the RuneScape Mobile Members Beta. The Beta is still in active development and will inevitably contain bugs. Feedback from players will help us to improve the game and deliver the best possible mobile RuneScape experience.

There are currently only a limited number of installs available, meaning access is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will make more installs available as we progress, so please monitor our social channels for the latest updates.

DATA USAGE: We recommend you begin playing over a Wi-Fi connection as the game caches a large amount of data (roughly 3GB). The game cache will start to be downloaded as soon as you login to the lobby.


* Tap to interact with and move your character.
* Press and drag one finger to rotate the camera.
* Pinch to zoom the camera.
* Tap and hold briefly to open the Interaction Menu.

* Swipe to scroll through menus.
* Hold and drag to move items.
* See pop-up in game for advanced controls.


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Happy to be a part of the beta! :) @Lisaa_RS - Followed by @Runescape
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06-Mar-2019 02:12:57

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Hi and before I moan I know it's not shaunys fault but when we attended runefest mod mark told everyone that attended that we would have access to rs mobile but no one seems to be able to help when we ask and when u release more beta slots we never get chance I just think it's a bit crappy Chaotic unity leader

08-Mar-2019 13:55:20



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Tha j you for the hard work youíve put towards rs3 on iOS. It was wonderful to read a update and youíre correct that Iím very eager to be able to get my hands on it. Just wanted to reach out and give you my deepest gratitude <3 Been mining since 07

13-Jun-2019 00:06:05

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Is it possible to implement a "lock minimap" button? I've accidentally swiped it closed several times during gameplay. It's easy to swipe the minimap back open, it's just an idea that came to me from all the accidental swipes.

Alex Undeath

24-Jul-2019 16:23:41



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When are more beta spots coming?
Wasn't able to get into the beta and missing this app is painful and espcially was painful during dxp weekend where i could have done so much afk skilling with the app.

13-Aug-2019 13:58:19

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