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Hey all,

We’ve seen an increased number of issues after the release of our most recent build. We’d like you to know that we’re aware of the issue and have made it our highest priority.

If you are experiencing crashes or any other issues, please provide some information below about the activity you were engaged in at the time and the device you were using.
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01-Oct-2019 18:06:40



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Samsung S8+, started having issues earlier today. crashes roughly after 15 minutes of playtime, regardless of activity. Client simply closes. Seems to favour crashing when initiating dialogue, picking up items, or activating something, as if its a loading issue. Also had a minor graphics issue since completing Beneath Cursed Tides yesterday, character permanently holds his weapons out in his hands instead of sheathing between combats. Not sure if related to new update.

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Okay so i am on a samsung galaxy j3 prime

The crashes seem to occur when an item is changed but mostly with stacks,either from becoming stackable or changing to a non-stackable(like bank notes)or items that are stacks that change like when i plant a seed in a farming plot or use the produce on the tool leprechaun to note the items.

Bank crashes still too but not in the same predictable way still might be to do with items
when i have buy offers in G.E. that complete while im looking at the offers it can also crash wich seems to do with multiple items in a slot

It does also crash upon some dialogue but the dialogue is connected to an item change
Usually when i finish smithing an item.

This is merely limited observation and i may be wrong i only notice the main
thing happening is a change of an item i am able to see the icon of,in a stack or not.

Potato be with us.

EDIT: Updated + Phone information.

Device Name: Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
Model Number: sm-j327t1
Location:United States
OS Version: 7

I have found a bit more crashes,these actions are where i am crashing.

Opening a shop or or reward shop(very limited crashing)
when an item is selected to be used.
Any action removing, adding, or changing an item or stack of items in the inventory:
Banking items
Selling or buying items from the G.E. or sometimes shops
Consuming items like food around combat or using materials during skilling.
Items changing to or from noted

What i was doing: anything really banking items farming mining slaying or combat.

Play time:anywhere from a few minutes to an hour

Can it be reproduced?: from what i can see mostly but im not always sure
Its what i think is causing the crash.
now with less potato!
potato amounts may vary,read the varrock herald for more information.

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Sir Mittens
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Sir Mittens

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I already posted this on another thread but also will share it here.

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S8+
Model Number: SM-G955U
Location: United States - Missouri
Wifi: No - cellular data
Cellular: 4G LTE
Data Provider:AT&T
OS: Android
OS version: 9

Playtime (Approx): Randomized

At the time of the crash I was: Okay, so here is where it gets complicated. It has now crashed on me a multitude of times, performing all kinds of actions. Some examples include:
-catching implings
-picking up items on the ground in the Arc
-catching orokami in the Arc
-loading bank presents
-turning in Arc contracts to Sojobo
-accessing my bank in a populated area (Combat Academy w84)
-placing down divine locations
-gathering from berry planter on Tuai Leit

Can it be reproduced?: Both yes and no. Some of the actions have caused repeated crashes, but not every time. For example: I will try to catch an orokami and the app will crash. I will catch multiple orokami afterwards with no problem, and then all the sudden catching one will cause it to crash again. Same goes for picking up items in the Arc and with bank presets. It doesn't happen every time, but will every so often with no obvious pattern.
I have lost out on hundreds of Arc resources well as my own divine locations because of these constant crashes. Please look into this. Thank you

It has been about a day now and I have had even more crashes. 6 to be exact.
-1 withdrawing from Cape tack accessed via bank interface
-1 mining a rockertunity
-1 entering a dungeoneering resource dungeon
-1 from receiving a purple uncharted isles map in my inventory
-1 using the "withdraw-x" option at the bank
-1 completely random crash while i was traveling between locations

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An1ma Mundi
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An1ma Mundi

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Can't use the app at all anymore. When I start the app it says: Game client needs to update. Tap to open store page.

When I go to the app store, it then says: This app doesn't work on your device anymore. Please contact the developers for more information.

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S6
Model Number: SM-G920F
Location: the Netherlands
Wifi: Yes
Cellular: 4G+
Data Provider: Vodafone
OS: Android
OS version: 7.0

Playtime (Approx): -
At the time of the crash I was: -
Can it be reproduced?: yes

03-Oct-2019 10:13:48

Niki From HR
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Niki From HR

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This is ridiculous. The app has gotten gradually LESS stable over the months, I've died twice from app crashes, which never happened before this update. I know its beta but doing obelisk and the phite club boss should not be risky at all

03-Oct-2019 12:53:12

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