Runescape discontinued on P9

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So, recently I managed to find an information that Runescape won't be available on my mobile device.

The reason behind it, is because it's running on Android 7.
The problem is that I was running Runescape 3 just fine.

My Huawei P9 (EVA-L09) has 3GB of Ram memory
It runs on HiSilicon Kirin 955 Octa-Core (4x 2.5 GHz, 4x 1.8GHz) on 16nm technology

Without a problem in performance I could play runescape:
-on my way to work,
-on the way back home
-before falling asleep

I thought it's the perfect setup but out of nowhere my runescape has become discontinued
And it's just a matter of single update and I will be never able to log in again on my mobile [*]

Is there any way to give my device like extra year until it really becomes obsolete?
I can't afford new phone yet.

^_^ I have high hopes on this post

17-May-2021 07:28:58

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