Quest crashing

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It doesn't have to be quests in particular, just happens the most with them.

But the issue I have had for a couple months now, has been the game.crashing or just logging me out whenever I screen hop from the rs3 app to the wiki for quest help. I can just be double checking what it said and that takes less then 10 seconds, but the moment I go back ro runescape, I'm either frozen and have to close the game outright, or I have to log back in with email.

21-Sep-2021 13:05:10

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Its been doing that since it was released for me at least sometimes itll work when i come back but other times it does the exact same thing uve said im guessing its something to do with needing constant connection that by switching apps it loses connection possibly? Only thing i can think of
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14-Oct-2021 23:37:54

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