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Mod Poerkie

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Hey All,

Creating this thread to collate all the information available of the Early access.

Mobile Early Access News Post

Mobile Early Access FAQ

You can leave your feedback on this thread or create one yourself. We'll read all of it and try to process it.

Happy scaping on Mobile!
Mod Poerkie
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Thank you for the release and thread. My moto z2 is an invalid device? Is there a list of allowed devices? Thank you again

[update]It's spec'd with Android 9
Qual MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 (10 nm)
Octa-core (4x2.35 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo)
Adreno 540
GLSL, openGL ES 3.2v@331.0 [ 28 Feb 2019 ]
Vulkan 1.166
Res 1440 x 2560 ( 640 ppi )
64GB storage

my runescape and google accounts are not linked and are different
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Great to see it being released to all members, but..

I use a Motorola Moto G6. It tells me the device is incompatible, even though it runs Android version 9.0, which is way higher then the required Android version 6.0.

Why did you chose to disable access for my device, when it meets all the requirements? Poor performance perhaps?

29-Oct-2019 14:07:49

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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Well, this was a bad idea for me to try. Everything is beyond microscopic. Can't see what my password input is so apparently I misclicked. Then the try again button is like 1 pixel that I couldn't find. If the little thing in the corner was an exit button I could not find that either.

Had to reboot the phone and now my interface is messed up with Runescape up top and my prior active application missing. So now I need to research on how to restore that.

Luckily I didn't mess everything up and I was able to login as usual on the laptop. Not even gonna bother trying again until you resize the login. But hey, you surely have records of my failed login so you can go ahead and shower me with gifts for the attempt.

29-Oct-2019 14:29:36

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hi Mod poerkie plz fix the issue it's say i have the marshellowe update on my samsung but i still cant download it because i need help plz respons back :( i was early access on beta ?

29-Oct-2019 14:43:37

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Both my phone, Samsung S9+, and my tablet, Samsung A10, downloaded and installed the app fine, but all I get on opening the app is a black screen and the music. Am I missing something?

29-Oct-2019 14:57:38

Aaa Battery
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Aaa Battery

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When I try to download the app the google play store says its not compatible.

My phone is a Galaxy A3 and its running Android 7.0 which is above the Android 6.0 which the news post says is needed.

29-Oct-2019 15:02:23

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