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Map position is better at upper right. This way you can see second half of secondary ability bar if invent is closed.
That being said, i dislike chat changes. Why is the higest text the newest message?
Where is the reply pm button?
Why can fl no longer be opened in ribbon?
Etc etc

14-Jun-2021 22:12:33

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Yea i agree with the chat issue ys it scroll from bottom to top now? Makes chat annoying to use if ur used to it going top to bottom and now its just as bad as the map being at the bottom was when u open chat and it hides the first half of ur action bar now too

Clicking map is trash to move too since u can barely go anywhere doing so and actually have to click the landscape just to actually go far i prefer the map at the top too glad they fixed that one personally now fix chat u always screw something else up fixing another issue
200m defence 08-10-2021

20-Jun-2021 00:39:12

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