Crashing in crowded areas

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I have an 8th gen iPad and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both devices running the current mobile release (That was just released a day ago) seem to crash in areas where there's a lot of people. How many I can't say as I wouldn't even begin to be able to count them.

W79 at Incandescent wisps and W84 Lumbridge to name a couple of areas I have crashed every time I logged in. Even on lowest settings doesn't help. But only at those heavily populated areas. Not anywhere where it's a more normal amount of people. (W84 is harsh even on good computer, but I never crashed there in the past on my Samsung S7 about a year ago as I was in the Beta on Android. Sure I got like 10 FPS but It didn't crash)

Just want to know if this is a known issue or only an Issue I'm seeing.

P.S. The hitboxes for tapping on things is pretty bad. Constantly miss tap on things and I'm confident it's the game not me or my device. But I digress.

17-Jun-2021 22:55:00

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Populated areas are always gonna be an issue frankly phones arnt gonna run like a reg comp does its originally a computer game to begin with so most phones cant really handle it all
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20-Jun-2021 00:42:38

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I have also been having this issue to a certain degree, mainly on the beach and twice at the grand exchange since mobile launch. For the most part this hasn't really been an issue since you can easily mitigate it by going to a lower pop world.

23-Jul-2021 02:46:35

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