Long press delay and old quest

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Jul Member 2019


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Hi, lovely people of Jagex!

I am loving RS3 mobile, it's been fabulous since I'm don't get a chance to game on a PC much.

However my biggest QoL desire is that performing a long press for "right click" can be a little inconsistent...and I'm fairly sure it's not my touchscreen as I have an ROG3 phone (very sensitive screen).

Could you please consider putting a slider to reduce the delay required for a long press, to make it so that I don't need to hold my finger down for as long to activate "right click"?

I also tried to do the last of the Penguin quests recently - the submarine part of Some Like it Cold was quite hard on mobile as you aren't able to see the ship status while playing battlefish. Also Elon's energy puzzle during Back to the Freezer is extremely difficult on mobile as the icons are a bit too small to touch, and info in the chat window doesn't display while the puzzle is open.

Would you mind please having a look at these?



01-Jul-2021 15:59:19

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