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The title limit is far too short, even shorter than Twitter text limits and that's saying something, but I digress.

The mobile version needs the old school interphase ported to it. I've hated with RS3 interphase since the day it came out and I hate it just as much now. It tries to be "compact" in the worst way and instead makes itself bloated by attempting to merge more things than should be merged into a single menu, all the useful information that circles the map is removed or moved, the HP/Prayer/Summoning points icon are now in a bulky bar that no longer fits snugly around the map, and worst of all, instead of only having a simple layout where you press a single button to get to where you want to go (inventory, equipment, combat mode, etc), you are stuck with a Folder/Ribbon mode which is less convenient quite frankly, an eyesore.

This makes the Mobile version not worth using other than if I need to use daily treasure hunter keys (can't get new keys without using previous keys) then proceed to log back off. Anymore than that and it's more headache than it's worth and why I could not even bring myself to use the app during the Beta testing.

I'm also not fond of having a dissemble shortcut in the inventory menu, too easy to accidently disassemble valuable items (touch controls are not as precise as a mouse)

28-Sep-2021 01:31:54

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