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Im Storm
Oct Member 2018

Im Storm

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My goal is to become a player moderator :D

ill do this by staying active in game

being helpful to any one that needs help

accurate and helpful reporting

being a part of the community

and enjoying the game that i love

thanks to all the people who inspired me to go this route I'm including them in this thread

skod river
and all the other members of my clan chat Order of Adventurers

23-Nov-2018 09:06:45

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Hi there.

It's best off just keep playing the game and enjoying it, and of course making new friends along the way while it's nice to hear you enjoy helping other people out :).

Jagex invite players to become a P-Mod via their message center on the website here just so your aware of how it is.

For more information on P-Mods you can see about it here.
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CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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This is a very sweet thread, Im Storm, and thank you for sharing your goal with us, it is important and appreciated to have good members of the community wishing to be helpful to others. :)

PS: Thank you Stevie5646 for your help with the information.

24-Nov-2018 00:44:33

Sir Hugh
May Member 2020

Sir Hugh

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Never a bad thing. When I was younger it was something I very much aspired to be as well. After all, who would turn down the opportunity to contribute and help control the game they invest so much time into? And you get a shiny crown too!

In my experience with scenarios similar to this, the key thing is to be yourself. I can't speak for their criteria, but I'm sure if you're the right fit and a good person, you'll be successful if considered in the future. Enjoyment comes over anything else when playing a game - but that doesn't mean you can't further your cause by doing the things you've mentioned too... :)

I've got various friends who are player moderators. They are normal people and don't seem conformed to any kind of system. That's the great thing about community based moderation - and I think it's a really unique idea that Runescape employs well.

Aside from it being beneficial for achieving your goal, getting more involved in the community is great anyhow. You meet so many great people. Runescape became far more enjoyable when I just started sparking up conversations across Gielinor at my heart's content.
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24-Nov-2018 15:52:08

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Hey there Im Storm! That's not a bad goal at all, as I'm sure that there are many people out there that would enjoy to receive such a status. I was the very same way when I first encountered a PMod back in 2004 (a friend to this day still), I actually thought she was a Jagex Mod, but she quickly corrected me and informed me of the difference, and back then, PMods were freshly new to the game anyhow.

I wanted (maybe I still do) the crown because of what it symbolized and what it took to earn it, and of course it has its' Ups and Downs like anything these days, but always keep in mind that you are a regular player as well just like everyone else, and you deserve to enjoy the game just as everyone else does. There's no set way on becoming a PMod technically, but it really does help to:

1. Stay engaged in the community. - As you are planning to continue
2. Posting in the forums some may and may not increase odds. - Jagex is ALWAYS watching.

*PMods are incognito in the forums so you probably might be chatting with a few and not even know. :P*

3. Maintain account security at ALL TIMES. - As you are I'm sure. People forget that this has actually killed peoples chances of being considered.
4. Reporting, as you said, but it's always the
of the report, NOT the quantity.
5. You said it right, enjoy the game my friend. Have fun and don't put on a front for anyone.
6. Be kind! Kindness goes a long way. Kill'em with kindness, even when others aren't kind to you.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, I could go on and on :D, I wish you the best of luck, but always remember, you don't need a crown to make a difference!
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27-Nov-2018 03:22:53



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I used to be one years ago, then took a break. I've got Runescape in my blood (early classic player), and I'd love to be a pmod once again! Fingers crossed i get invited again!

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Im Storm
Oct Member 2018

Im Storm

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thanks for the reply guys I'm still working hard on my account and participating in whatever i can in runescape I've started going to more events most recently the j mod events hosted by mod lee also trying to post more on the forums (that ones tuff for me ) I'm keeping a good attitude that one day i will become a mod because i love this game and all its players i hope everyone here that wants to be a player mod also gets the chance to be one continue to follow the rules and be helpful and one day it will happen

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