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Hey there Im Storm! That's not a bad goal at all, as I'm sure that there are many people out there that would enjoy to receive such a status. I was the very same way when I first encountered a PMod back in 2004 (a friend to this day still), I actually thought she was a Jagex Mod, but she quickly corrected me and informed me of the difference, and back then, PMods were freshly new to the game anyhow.

I wanted (maybe I still do) the crown because of what it symbolized and what it took to earn it, and of course it has its' Ups and Downs like anything these days, but always keep in mind that you are a regular player as well just like everyone else, and you deserve to enjoy the game just as everyone else does. There's no set way on becoming a PMod technically, but it really does help to:

1. Stay engaged in the community. - As you are planning to continue
2. Posting in the forums some may and may not increase odds. - Jagex is ALWAYS watching.

*PMods are incognito in the forums so you probably might be chatting with a few and not even know. :P*

3. Maintain account security at ALL TIMES. - As you are I'm sure. People forget that this has actually killed peoples chances of being considered.
4. Reporting, as you said, but it's always the
of the report, NOT the quantity.
5. You said it right, enjoy the game my friend. Have fun and don't put on a front for anyone.
6. Be kind! Kindness goes a long way. Kill'em with kindness, even when others aren't kind to you.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, I could go on and on :D, I wish you the best of luck, but always remember, you don't need a crown to make a difference!
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27-Nov-2018 03:22:53

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