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Never a bad thing. When I was younger it was something I very much aspired to be as well. After all, who would turn down the opportunity to contribute and help control the game they invest so much time into? And you get a shiny crown too!

In my experience with scenarios similar to this, the key thing is to be yourself. I can't speak for their criteria, but I'm sure if you're the right fit and a good person, you'll be successful if considered in the future. Enjoyment comes over anything else when playing a game - but that doesn't mean you can't further your cause by doing the things you've mentioned too... :)

I've got various friends who are player moderators. They are normal people and don't seem conformed to any kind of system. That's the great thing about community based moderation - and I think it's a really unique idea that Runescape employs well.

Aside from it being beneficial for achieving your goal, getting more involved in the community is great anyhow. You meet so many great people. Runescape became far more enjoyable when I just started sparking up conversations across Gielinor at my heart's content.
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24-Nov-2018 15:52:08

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