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I'm working on becoming a "slayer master" and owning my own dungeon. I've read what wiki says about it and have already started having collected 30 souls to my credit.

My question is this: Do you need to collect the souls in the order prescribed by wiki?

I had a slayer "task" of dark beasts; and since these monsters are listed as one I am to gather a soul from I took one (empty) ushabti and the codex with me making sure I left several empty spots in my backpack. I've already killed over 400 of these and not collected the soul; so I'm wondering if I'm ever going to get a soul from these dark beasts. (I killed the number of dark beasts Kuradel assigned to me; and now I've been in the Temple of Light killing them.)

Any help in understand this would be appreciated.......please feel free to contact me in game.
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09-Oct-2021 14:20:07

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You can get them in any order.. and its all RNG.. you just try till you get it. It doesn't matter where you get the souls either. The richest person is not who has the most. It is who Needs the least.

10-Oct-2021 03:05:58

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