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Jun Member 2021


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Hello everyone in forums

I just wanted to introduce all of you to myself so you would know a little bit more about my background.

Ive been originally playing runescape since 06 and has been a big fan since then. Every year i play and i enjoy it so much.
But i've always had one goal for myself to feel like ive completed the game for my own sake. You see, all games ive played ive been a big part helping the communities crowing and when the botting phase started on osrs again i was devastated. Ive always looked on my message box every single time i log in to see if ive been invited to join the player moderator team.

I want to fight to help players past their motivation problems playing and continue representing runescape as good as i can. Like Martin Luther King said " I have a dream ", I love all of you active players and i will never stop fighting for you in game to make you succeed your goals and i will be next to you. Together we play, this is what we play for, the community we have right now.

I wish you all the best, and also the best of december as its coming closer and closer.
Make there is a message lurking in my log in tab at christmas eve, who knows..

All i know is that im keeping the positivity up and hoping to see you all online on christmas <3

04-Nov-2021 12:29:53

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Welcome to the Forums Edvard Munch! :)

Bringing positivity to the community is always welcomed. I wish you the best of luck in pursuit of your goals.

Make sure you have tip-top security on your account (Bank PIN, Authenticator, Malware/Virus scanning software, etc), as nothing will hurt your chances of being selected as a Player Moderator more than maintaining an unsecured account. Having an Authenticator in particular is required (Loss of Pmod Status). Other than that, keep enjoying the game, being helpful, and who knows...perhaps you'll receive a nice present in your Message Centre inbox some day. :)

04-Nov-2021 19:45:56

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07-Nov-2021 12:04:08

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