Doing Group 'Cheevos Right Now

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Let's get together and smash out some group minigame achievements!

Here's a list of the minigame achievements that require more than one player:


A-Voiding Conflict
- Pest Control - 5 people
Win a Pest Control game after repairing all barricades to full.

Altar Explorer
- Great Orb Project - 4 people
Play a round of GOP on each different altar map.

- Stealing Creation - 10 people
Fully exhaust all gathering plots in a Stealing Creation match.

Magister Smagister
- Soul Wars - 10 people
Obtain 100 soul fragments within Soul Wars and offer them all at once to the Soul Obelisk.

Going Down With The Ship
- Fishing Trawler - 1 to start, but 3 required for the achievement
Let the ship take on 8 leaks before patching them up full and successfully completing Fishing Trawler.

What Year Is It
- Castle Wars - 4 people
Ice Barrage 99 times in Castle Wars.


If you're interested in getting these, join my FC (Griphook) and hopefully we can get enough people for at least a couple of them.

I'll be on for the next few hours, and then depending on interest might smash out some more tomorrow (Aussie time/GMT+10).

13-Sep-2017 13:03:21

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