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The farming achievement of "GOTTA PATCH 'EM ALL" is one I'm having problems with and need help with.

Wiki gave a long list as to what patches to work and I've got most of those planted; yet I cannot find anywhere in game that lets me know which ones I've planted are connected to this achievement. The only thing I did find in game is the "Remote Farming Machine" I set up at Ardougne's Manor Farm. And it is showing all I've done so far and seems pretty accurate. However, the one part that is confusing has to do with the "harmony" ones.

Under "allotments" in this machine it shows "harmony....full of weeds"; yet I have all 4 harmony pillars planted already. Then under "harmony pillars" in this machine it shows all 4 pillars as "growing".

Thus I have 2 questions about this?
1. Is there another "patch" where I need to plant "harmony" (??seed??) that is connected to some "allotment" somewhere in the game?

2. Do I need to work the skills required for each harmony "pillar" in order for each to mature to some level in order for it to count on this achievement?

Please feel free to contact me in game...player name "jodie"
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07-Oct-2021 04:48:13

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