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I'm not sure if this is meant for both OSRS or just RS3 but I only play OSRS now and I just want to give a shout out to everyone like me who had accounts that they worked so hard on in RS2/RS3 and started over on OSRS. This was not an easy transition but I love where my account is now and I am proud of everyone for getting as far as they did in their accounts wherever they made a transition to.

09-Nov-2021 21:26:15



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Just got 15m Woodcutting experience on OSRS, Going for 50m via Magics and have done them since 75..Here's to a long journey :P Grats all on their in-game achievements. Hertfordshire, England.
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12-Nov-2021 00:46:53

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Earned the Quest Cape in OSRS today. :)

284/284 Quest Points

Last time I wore the cape was when I first earned it in Runescape over 12 years ago.

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