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Hey fellow players, I'm having a hard time getting the "of the Amlodd" title. According to both the achievements as well as the Titles list in the Customisation tab, I don't have this title yet. I've read on numerous sites that I need to do the following to get the title: ""of the Amlodd is a title unlocked by summoning a light creature familiar, using an Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment), then talking to Lord Amlodd."

1) I've summoned a light creature (making sure there are no pet overrides active). I see the blue light creature appearing behind me.

2) I used the Enlightenment scroll on the light creature (which makes it hold the scroll)

3) I got to the familiar tab and click on "Cast your familiar special ability". I get the message that Enlightenment is active for 6 minutes.

4) I talk to Lord Amlodd.

Absolutely nothing happens. I've tried it 4 times already and I don't get the title. What is going wrong?

20-Aug-2021 21:20:24

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Dear Pentine,

I have the exact same issue. I also tried logging in/out, but the issue persists.
Did you manage to find a solution in the meantime? If yes, I would appreciate it a lot if you could share it here :-)

Best wishes,

01-Oct-2021 06:43:02

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