The Eldest Of Elders.

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We all know of the Elder gods who made the universe, but where did they come from? I will tell the tale few speak, for few know...

In the beginning, there was Aer.

Aer is, and Aer was, and Aer will be.
Aer decided to create Six


Jas was Progression and Time
Ful was Constantcy and Fire
Wen was Destruction and Ice with her twin,
Ewn, who was Chaos and The Cold
Bik was Alteration and Earth and Water
Mah was Potential and Light and Darkness

Aer decided that he would imbibe these elders with his lifeforce,as to return when he wanted to remake existance itself, so then, the Elders woke, and realised their doom and blessing, they would create universes until Aer could revive himself, killing the elders in the process, and remake existance.

The elders eventually lost one of their number, Ewn, who although incorporeal, settled as Ice Mountain. Mah followed weakened, as Ewn had drained the anima of Freneskae to get herself living.

Jas gave up her egg to renew Progression, so now we wait, as this will be the last Revision, until Aer awakes, albeit weakened from Ewn and Mah's weaknesses, but Aer will choose one mortal kind to keep and pass on, through Jas.
Last time it was the Kin.
This time it will be...

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