Three Kingdons

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There were once three kingdoms that were on each side of a perfectly right angled, triangular lake.

The first of the three was the richest, it had a huge army with many respectable knights.

The second kingdom was not quite as rich as the first, but still had a substantial army with some knights.

The third kingdom on the longest side of the lake, however, was very poor, it had only a camp in the forest, and only had a few squires.

The three kingdoms decided to go to war over the lake, and the two richest kingdoms formed and alliance. They both had a huge celebration the night prior to the war. Unfortunately, they became so drunk that the knights were unable to fight, so the next day they had to send only their squires into battle.

The squires of the third kingdom decided to try and be very well prepared. They hung a noose from a tree, and hung a pot fairly high on the string to cook an evening meal.

The next day, the battle started, and went on for a very long time. In the end, the kingdoms declared a stalemate, and the war ended as a draw, with both sides equal.

And I suppose his just goes to show how the squire of the high pot and noose is equal to the squires of the other two sides...

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