War Goose

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Imagine the year is 2082 and humanity is at war with geese. You're sleeping in a crater from a previous attack and for once in the whole mess of things there's a brief moment of rest and quiet. The air is warm and there's a gentle breeze, the stars can be seen, only the crickets can be heard. Your buddy is standing firewatch because things in this region were tense a while back and your unit isn't sure if the geese will return. Suddenly you're awoken by a loud HONK. "What? Was that a car?" you thought to your self, then again you hear HONK so you rub your eyes and see that your buddy is actually sleeping so you punch the guy in the shoulder and ask "do you hear that?!" only for the guy to say "Hear what?" and you nod in the direction where you heard the goose. You peak over the crater and there it is. A massive, 20 foot tall goose with lasers on its head. It sees you and let's out this weird war honk. It spreads it's wings and lowers its head as it charges your position, feet slapping the ground and with every honk the lasers fire setting the trees behind you alight once again. You ironically duck to get the rocket launcher only for your buddy to already have it - at that moment the goose laser strikes him down and his muscles tense up causing the rocket to be fired just narrowly missing you. Not that it mattered though because the goose was already upon you staring down.

You freeze up and lock eyes with the goose and you say "Nice goose, who's a good goose?" hoping maybe you can coax the goose into not destroying you. Well you were mistaken and the goose laser fires and you are incinerated.

The end.

*Yes I know the grammar is absolute dog mess, but this story isn't serious either so don't be a grammar nazi*

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