Pincho the Hermit Crab Part II

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As promised, today, November 8th, I will begin P.T.H.C.P.II

If you have not read Pincho the Hermit Crab, I highly suggest you read it. You will gain insight and be less confused and be able to follow the story better.

So onto business, We left off with Pincho and his wife and their newborn son, Pincho Jr.
It is ten years later. And Pincho has no idea about the trouble he has caused with The Zombie Hermit Crabs for making it out of The Forest of Doom alive.

We begin our Story in the Forest of Doom, Where a bloody civil war is being waged
between the Zombie Hermit Crabs, And the Vampire Hermit Crabs. (They just can't seem to get along...)

So here We Go
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Pincho The Hermit Crab: This crazy hermit crab has pinched more humans, than any hermit crab before him, he faces stiff competition from his long-time rival and best friend, Pinchy, who has vowed to pinch more Humans than Pincho, before they both die, so that Pincho's legacy will be lesser than Pinchy's. However, the humans are now avoiding( for the most part) Pinchville and Pincho is unaware that the Zombie Hermit Crabs have a death warrant on his head.

Pincho Jr.: Pincho Jr. is a popular hermit crab because of the fact that he is Pincho's son. But this Hermit Crab is unaware that the events that his father has set in motion will force him to leave Pinchville with his father to sort out Pincho's mess. Aside from the fact that He is his Father's son, He Pinches harder than his father, and has what is called the Death Grip, in other words he can rip off a finger if he pinches too hard.
He also has a Crush on Pinchena

Pinchy: Pinchy Pinches more Humans than any other hermit crab, besides Pincho, and he aims to change that. However he is the Worlds unluckiest hermit crab and ends up dying a lot.

Pinchena: Pinchy's daughter. She is a beauty from the eyes of a male hermit crab, unlike her Mother, Pinchanya, Who, despite getting more beautiful every day, is still the worlds ugliest hermit crab, She thinks that her father's quest to Pinch more humans than Pincho is childish, That to devote your life to pinching humans is a waste of a life. She also likes Pincho Jr.

Pinchanya: Pinchy's wife. She is the world's ugliest hermit crab, but she is also a great pickpocket and escape artist.

Jad: Jad is an adolescent troll going through troll puburtee (which is very dangerous) he serves as the "muscle" for the hermit crabs. Jad has a knack for persuasion and intimidation. He can always be counted on when you need him.
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Shelly: She is the Queen of Shell City and has gone through treatment for Paranoid Schizophrenia. She is now a demented, homicidal monarch. Well to Humans, Anyway
She ends up having to defend Shell City from the Zombie Hermit Crabs

Pinchanetto: This Italian hermit crab was Pincho's mentor and savior, having saved Pincho from being an orphan on the tiny hermit crab streets of Pinchville. After Pinchville is attacked, He realizes that his people, of the Rimni tribe are in danger He leaves his Home soon after Pinchville falls.

Pinchatoshi: This is a shell-less Japanese hermit crab who is looking for his shell,
only to discover a conspiracy to revive a dark god*

**. Clark: Mr. Clark is the only crab resident of Pinchville, Over the past ten years****. Clark (Also known as Mr. Pinch) is also a crab assassin, trained by Ardithitine alongside Herman, his friend. He becomes quite the soldier for Shelly

Herman: The product of Science, He is a were-crab, although he has no real control of his transformations. He hates Pincho, But sees the Zombie hermit crab threat is too great to waste trying to Kill Pincho.

Rokk Tarr: A troll that is having a romantic affair with Jad. He is a Messenger for Emo Muslim and his arrival marks the doom of many enemies.
Crog: Crog is one of four troll witches of immense power, she also blows her face up a lot.
Drog: Crog's Sister. She serves as the "eyes" of the sisters considering that the other 3 sisters are blind.
Zog: She is the most powerful of her three sisters, and she is incredibly smart but she lacks good judgment.
Smog: She is the Problem Solver of the 4 sisters, albeit she is a horrible negotiator.
(note: the four sisters' minds were overthrown by a dark presence)
Popo: Even though he never serves anyone, Popo had no choice in this matter. His mind was also overthrown by a presence that wishes to return to Runescape. He serves as it's general.
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Characters added:

Videek: He's a weapons smuggler with a bloodlust. He has a very big contract to smuggle a shipload of weapons to Lumbridge. he has an interest in explosives and dabbles heavily into herblore. He poisoned his father over a pair of socks that he wanted, His father died soon after he was poisoned. He felt exhilarated and poisoned his dying mother. after burning his little brother alive, he sets out on his way into the world.

Koko The Coconut Crab: Koko is the elder of the Coconut crab village, though she is quite old, she is perfectly healthy and is surprisingly strong for her age. She is renowned for her patience and her kindness, as well as for her ruthlessness in combat. However, with thousands of hermit crab refugees pouring into her village, she is unsure how long her patience will hold. Coconut Crabs are not fond of their hermit crab cousins at all, where as hermit crabs look up to their much bigger relatives.
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Chapter 1: Repatriation

*In the FoD*

Zombie hermit crab: *Kills an entire unit of Vampire Hermit Crabs* DIE YOU UNDEAD PIECE OF PINCH!!!
Vampire Hermit Crab: You are undead too.
Zombie Hermit Crab: No I'm Not! I feel fine *leg falls off* Dammit :(
Vampire Hermit crab: Leave immediately, Zombie Hermit Crab! The rule of law will not be broke- OMG A SHELL!!! Hold on a sec *checks out the shell* *Shell explodes killing the Vampire Hermit Crab
Zombie Hermit crab: OH PINCHZORZ!! Enemy's gone!
Pinchzorz: YAY PINCHPINCH *eats a brain* mmm yummy brains!
Zombie Hermit crab: General Pinchzorz- where to?
Pinchzorz: We march on Fort Pinch.... pinchpinch
Zombie Hermit Crab: Wait! which Fort Pinch? pinchpinch
Pinchzorz: That is classified information. pinchpinch
Zombie Hermit Crab: :( pinch pinch
other Zombie Hermit Crabs: YAY FORT PINCH!!! pinchpinch
*A robin swoops down*
Robin: *Cheep Cheep* FOOD! *gets pinched by a zombie hermit crab*
Robin: OW...... BRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS...... *starts flying around killing Vampire hermit crabs*
*At Vampire Hermit Crab HQ*
Vampire Hermit crab: oh no that stupid robin has killed our entire scout placement
Vampire Hermit Crab: General Pinchtor, We will be overrun soon, Escape while you can, Warn Pincho that we have lost
Pinchtor: May Mr. Vampire Hermit Crab God be with you!
Vampire Hermit Crab: And with you. Tell my Wife and kids that me love them
Pinchtor: how many did you have?
Vampire hermit crab: 23 million...
Pinchtor: get me my hermit crab sized horse.
Vampire Hermit Crab: yes sir!
*Pinchtor leaves the FoD*
end of part 1
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Part 2

Narrator: And so it was that Pinchtor, Bravest of the Vampire Hermit Crabs, had farsaken his reputation of never fleeing a battle by fleeing. Pinchtor's hermit crab sized horse has taken him to Varrok, Halfway between the FoD and Pinchville. Here we begin.

Pinchtor: Ah Beautiful Varrock, Me remember as a little crabling that My father brought me here to watch people getting mugged, Me would then drink the blood of the dead noob *smiles* such good memories....
*Pinchtor is walking down the street when he sees a human warning people about Pinchville*
Human: Unless you want to get pinched by insane hermit crab serial pinchers like Pincho, Avoid Pinchville at all costs!
Pinchtor: Pincho will not be pleased about this.* gets back onto his horse* *sets out to Paterdomus*
Priest: YOU SHALL NOT... PASS! *crashes his staff on the ground* *sees Pinchtor*
uh oh, um... nice... hermit crab
Pinchtor: relax, I'm not here to pinch anyone...
Priest: *sigh* Ok that's good, what are you doing so far away from Pinchville?
Pinchtor: actually I'm Returning to Pinchville. It's been... a long time since I was here last.
Priest: you may pass. Just don't cause any trouble with the locals. Blood thirsty fascist
pigs, they are!
Pinchtor: Will do.
Priest: by the way, I found a nice shell by the water.
Pinchtor: SHELL?! :D *two hours later*
*Pinchtor is riding to Port Phasymatis*
Ghost: oooooooooooh oooooooooooh OOOOOOOOH!
*Pinchtor Pinches the ghost*
Ghost: YOOOOOOOOOOW! um I mean oooooooooooooooooh
Pinchtor: I knew you wouldn't need the amulet of ghostspeak.
*Pinchtor reaches the gates of Pinchville*
Hermit crab guard: Halt! pinchpinch who cometh at this dark hour?
Pinchtor: Open the Gates before I sunder thee into Aetherius pinchpinch
Hermit crab Guard: Oh Tis noble Pinchtor! pinchpinch
Come on in
*Gates open*
end of part two
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Part 4
*Pincho is teaching Pincho Jr how to pinch humans *

Pincho: Ok, son, When pinching anything, especially humans, be mindful that they will do anything to get you off... Even kill you.
Pincho Jr.: Daddy, quick question: so say that me pinch a human and he tries to stomp on me, what do I do?
Pincho: That's easy *gives Pincho Jr a thumbtack* Stick it up when he attempts to stomp on you. Now do you see that human over there?
Pincho Jr.: Yeah?
Pincho: Pinch him in between the legs, that seems to be the sensitive area.
Pincho Jr.: Oh Boy! Me get to pinch a human :D
*Walks up to the human*
Human: hey little crab *picks Pincho Jr. up and places it on his leg* *falls to sleep*
*Pincho Jr. sneaks down into the humans boxer shorts and pinches the guys nuts off*
Human: YAOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! gets up and puts Pincho Jr. Onto the floor and tries to stomp on him.
*Pincho Jr. holds up his thumbtack and the human steps on it*
Human: YAOOOOOOOW. I'm going home to my mommy now! *runs to his mommy*
Pincho Jr.: Bye! Have fun! pinchpinch. *walks over to Pincho*
Pincho Jr.: How'd me do?
Pincho: That was awesome! :D
*Pinchy comes down the hill*
Pinchy: PINCHO! :D
Pincho: PINCHY! :D
Pinchy How many humans did you pinch today?
Pincho: 73 thousand. And you? pinchpinch
Pinchy: 73 thousand and one pinchpinch
Pincho Jr.: does my pinch count??
Pincho: Yeah, it does, we're tied this time, Pinchy!
Pinchy: Anyway, me have something to give you *gives Pincho an invitation to the Sand Castle of Kings* The King wishes to see you, he seems pretty... um concerned...
Pincho: Well that doesn't sound good! Jr., go home
Pincho Jr.: Ok Daddy. *goes home
Pincho: What could the king possibly want?
Pinchy: It has something to do with Pinchtor. He's in the castle!
Pincho: He's Here! Oh what a headache! I told him to never come here unless it was necessary over two years ago!
Pinchy: Go ask him what's up.
Pincho: I will do that. *talks to himself* This is not good *heads up to the Castle
End of part 4
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In all honesty, Pincho Jr. should've pinched the human's nuts off, as... that area... is merely flesh, no bone whatsoever. Well, if the... other part... gets in the way, then maybe a little if it's... how I say... "stiff".

Also, about Rokk Tarr and the troll witches: Trolls are named after the first thing they try to eat, or did eat. For example: Jad was named after his first meal, TzTok-Jad. However, Rokk Tarr does make some sense as she could've eaten rocky tar, making "Rock Tar", hence "Rokk Tarr"; and for the troll witches: again, like I said about troll names, however the dark presence could've made them go against troll traditions and (re)name themselves by however they liked instead of how other trolls do it.

One last thing about Smog: Smog and Smaug... The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug... I believe Smog will be killed off or something on December the 13th, since two things: the movie comes out then which has her name in it, and it'll be a Friday, so Smog will be the unlucky one.

Still good story so far!
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