Pincho the Hermit Crab Part II

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*back at the battle for Pinchtowne*
*Kokon is asking Koko for permission to help lift the siege*
Koko: We cannot stick our neck in every conflict, Kokon, we should only focus on helping the refugees
Kokon: And when the Zombie hermit crabs decide to attack here? what then? We're the last bastion of safety once Pinchtowne falls.
Koko: "he who defends everything defends nothing" sending anyone will leave us unable to defend our walls.
Kokon: We're only defending one outpost, Koko.
Koko: okay, fine, you have permission, just get back here in one piece.
Koko: okay
*two hours later*
*kokon is briefing 100 coconut crabs on the situation*
Coconut crab soldier: we're breaking a siege? me like this situation, it gives me a chance to die with glory!!! :D
Kokon: Kokoleeta! Yer not here to sacrifice your self, gosh!
Coconut crab soldier 2: Does this mean we get to raid Pinchtowne afterwords for food supplies and coconuts?? :D
Kokon: No, Kokojan, no looting pillaging or murdering.
Coconut Crab Soldier 3: what about their seaweed? can we take that?
Kokon: you don't even like seaweed, Kokofuji!
Kokofuji: are you kidding! these hermit crabs make great seaweed dishes!
Kokon: no!
Coconut crab Soldier 5 through 97 at the same time: Can we **** hermit crab women in Pinchtown afterwords? :D
Kokon: sure go ahead! I mean NO !!!
Coconut crab soldiers 5 through 97 at the same time: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASEEE!
Kokon: NOO!!!
Kokonut Crab Soldiers 98, 99. and 100: can we **** the corpse of any dead hermit crabs? beside the zombies?
Kokon: Why did you even ask that question??! NOO!
Kokon: TO WAAAAR!!!!! *coconut crabs run out the gates of the fort*
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*Back at Pinchtowne*
Pregnant hermit crab soldier: Cannons away *blasts the zombie hermit crabs with cannonballs from atop the battlements* *zombie hermit crab pinches her from behind, (he snuck up behind her)

Pregnant hermit crab soldier: OW....BRAIIIIIIINSSSSS!!!! *starts running to pinch other hermit crabs and turn them into into zombies* *gets shot in the face with an arrow*

Hermit crab: me sorry, my wife!

*Pregnant hermit crab soldier gives birth to her undead child*
baby zombie hermit crab: Braaaaaaainsssss..... *gets kicked off the battlements*
*enter hermit crab commander*
Hermit crab commander: put up sand bags around the perimeter, reinforce the wall
Hermit crab fortification builder: yessir!
Hermit crab commander: You! find Mister Pinch!
Hermit crab child: yes sir
Hermit crab commander: You, Yes Crab, light me a cigarette!
Yes Crab: yes master.... *lights a cigarette for his master*
Hermit crab commander: *pushes down a ladder filled with zombie hermit crabs* gets hit on the shell with a rock*
Hermit crab commander: Ow! Where'd that come from? *turns and sees the gecko mounts coming in* Oh, ****! ready the *gets pinched by a zombie hermit crab that snuck up from behind* Cannons!..... BRAIIIIIIINSSSSSSS and shells! *gets picked up by a seagull and dropped far off in the ocean*
former hermit crab commander: damn you, seagull!
*Cannons start firing the cricket bombs*
Geckos: CRICKETS! :D:D:D *kicks off its zombie hermit crab rider and starts chasing the crickets*
zombie hermit crab: :( *10,000 geckos start chasing after crickets after shaking of their riders*
*geckos break through the walls*
*at the beacons*
Pinchamir: Never thought me'd die at 15.
Mister Clark: everyone dies sooner or later, some sooner than others.
Pinchamir: I don't want to die. do you? Death is scary
Mister Clark: People do not fear death. Rather they fear life being taken away from them.
Death is as natural a part of life as life is
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*Mister clark pushes down a ladder of zombie hermit crabs*
Zombie hermit crabs on the ladder: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *crushes about 100 zombie hermit crabs* If you believe in something better than chaos, something permanent. then you will be able to take comfort in the fact that Death is only the beginning.
*hermit crab comes climbs up the beacon
Hermit crab: no push down! me was told to find you, Mister Pinch!
Mister Pinch: Hey me just noticed that the full moon is out
*at Herman's cell*
Narrator: Herman, The full moon is out, fulfill yer destiny!
Herman: oh boy oh boy oh boy *steps into the moonlight
Herman: please turn into a dragon, please turn into a dragon please turn into a dragon please.
Back at Mister Pinch
Hermit crab what good does that * Humongous ogre breaks the dungeon
Herman: muahaha! time to die, Pindejos *starts kicking thousands of zombie hermit crabs into trees
zombie hermit crab: must pinch threat...... nyah nyah nyah nyah nyahnyahnyahnyah *gets kicked back into the tree.* *gets crushed by coconut*
* An army of shrim, lobster, crayfish and coconut crabs come through*
Zombie hermit crab commander: BRAINS FOR ALL!!! FORM RANKS!
half the zombie hermit crabs divert attention to the other army
* Crayfish wizard sacrifices life to over charge a spell and blinds them with a spell*
* Zombie hermit crabs are overwhelmed*
Coconut crabs start pillaging Pinchowne for supplies
Coconut Crab soldier 5-97 *starts ****** hermit crab women
hermit crab: get off my wife! grrrrr. *coconut crab crushes the hermit crab*
coconut crab soldier 1: *Gets crushed by a turtle that was dropped from up high by an eagle*
Hermit crabs: we won? *sees another army of zombie hermit crabs* oh no!
*Sliske sends down a comet, killing the army of zombie hermit crabs*
* Herman Survives somehow*
Hermit crab defenders: Thanks Sliske!
Sliske: It wasssssssssss an acsssssssssident, I sssssssssssswea- Oh- your welcome! I meant to caussssssssssse massssssssss havoc though!
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