Wisdom Endowed in the Stars

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"Tell me more about the woods!" she exclaimed.
"What more about it, dear?" he asked as he chuckled sitting on the newly made Oak chair.
"You always get to the part where you go into the woods, but nothing more. I want to know more!"
"Do you really want to know?" He asked solemnly.
"Yes." She replied with a heavy voice.
"So be it." He said with a mournful, melancholy inflection.

There we were at the edge of The Forest of Souls. All of us no more skilled in combat than the other; Wondering if we would possibly make it out alive. We entered through a split in the tree that was no longer than one of your arms. As we entered the woods we could hear the screams of tortured souls begging for a new chance at a wonderful life, but only being denied by the harsh wind that barreled through like a wind spell from a most powerful wizard.

In the middle of the clearing, we saw down the slope that was covered in trees. About 6 miles off a huge tower stood. A large beam of light shooting out towards the heavens made us tremble in awe. I fell to my knees, and uttered the words "There are no gods.". My friend Ashmen picked me up to my feet, and said "We must not give into astonishment. We have a long road ahead of us."

We made our way down the road that was presented. None of us spoke in this alien land for fear of not knowing what we may encounter, until. "Look!" Screamed Fragmilis. A giant demon flew out of the sky, and snatched up Fragmilis out of our group. We quickly reached for our weapons in the most prideful of mannerisms. The demon came down with Fragmilis in hand ripping his head off, and sucking his soul out like the innards of a grape. Fear wrenched my stomach as I pointed my sword at the demon, and exclaimed "No more will you feed on those who cannot defend themselves, Coward!". We sprinted in a hurry to the underbelly of the demon then lunged forth, popping him open like a

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Christmas cracker.

We all exclaimed "Freedom!" or "At last!". The fear slowly went away, and trembled. I smiled, and said "That wasn't that hard now was it, Ashmen?"
Ashmen replied. "Don't get prideful, boy. What you see here is mere luck."

We kept making our way down the road leaving behind our decapitated friend, knowing he was in a better place. Saradomin rest his soul. We stumbled upon a split in the road with a sign in the middle that read: "Life is only a dream, and death is when we all wake up". One road was a color blue that was only seen under the Moon, and stars on the sweetest of warm nights. The other, a sort of deathful red that only the most demented of Zamorakian interior decorators would possibly use as a rug color. Being the obvious choice we chose the blue road. With every step we would take an afterglow in the shape of a foot would take the place of where we just stepped. After 10 minutes down the blue road we encountered a strange creature. It had the colors of a Fabergť egg. I slowly approached the creature with caution, but with no thought of it harming me.

It rose up from the ground, and spoke. The sound that came from its mouth was like a howl, only in syllables, and speaking backwards. It finally was standing straight up, and changing shapes. It started to multiply rapidly, and made its way towards us as we backed up. Then a giant wall arose from the ground as they were getting closer. Finally at an arms length they all conjoined, became another wall, and moved at a turtles pace closer.

"We need out, and fast." Ashmen said.
"Maybe if we scale the wall?" I asked
"No, we don't have enough time." He stated with force, when suddenly you could see an idea race through his mind.
"Thats it!" he screamed
"Wha!-What!?" I said in a confused manner
"When I was a young boy my father taught me the ancient secrets"

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"You're a mad man!" I shouted

He pulled out a tattered book that read "Life: A soul's gift"
"Give me time to read this aloud!" he asked in a scream.
He put both hands on the walls, and chanted:
"And here we stand hand in hand as the odds are all against us. Turn the tide with our stride and deliver this from us."
Suddenly a violent rumble came from under our feet, as a giant, clam vortex crushed the walls like a bug, but to my astonishment the wall was no where to be seen. Not even fragments. Like a cleansing flood came through, and washed away matter as we know it.

I walked over to him, and shook his hand, bowed, and said
"You have saved us. If we make it back, I will repay you with anything possible."
He humbly declined my offer, and said "We must keep moving."

Still fascinated by the after glow I looked around and realized that it was completely quiet. You could hear a pin drop if you wanted, but it wasn't Ominous. To my surprise I felt relaxed, a little too relaxed.
"Ashmen, do you feel like everything is suddenly okay?" I asked.
He asks "What do you mean?"
"Like everything we are, everything we will be. Do you not feel at peace?" I asked tenderly.
He replied "I always feel at peace, because I know nothing lasts forever."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean: I know that tomorrow may hold trouble, and I may not even wake up, but I am content with the life I live, and I am extremely blessed to have lived today."

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We kept talking and time passed on. We finally made it off the blue road. As I looked back at the blue road, I only wished it would have lasted longer. I wish I would feel that peaceful at all times, but sadly my life was not like that.

We walked up on a patch of mushrooms that were waist tall, with little doors on the stalk. I tapped on the door with my pinky finger, and a Fairy flew out exalting:

"Oh my! Oh my! How nice it is to see you again! We've missed you so much!"
I stood there in confusion as more gathered around Tugging, and pulling on us saying they missed us.
"I have no clue what you are talking about. I have never met you creatures before in my life." I exclaimed.
The Fairy replied "Oh yes, you have!"
"How?" I asked.
"We watch all living mortals. We visit you in your dreams!"
Trying not to be rude, I asked
"Why do you visit us in our dreams? Why not come physically in person?"
"You silly Humans freak out over the most simplistic of things. What makes you think that we would visit you in reality? If this really is reality." She said grinning crazily, with wide eyes.
"Remember why we are here, boy." Ashmen said sternly.
"Oh, yes! How do we get to the tower in the far distance." I asked.
All the Fairies in a jumble replied "Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Follow- Follow-Fa-Follow the road north! North!"
"Erm, thank you." I replied.

We started to walk on, as the fairies in the background were screaming
"Come back soon!", "We will miss you!"
"Fairies." Chuckled Ashmen.
"Odd creatures they are." I added.
"Fairies are said to be the ones that guide you to the afterlife they say." Ashmen stated
"Pfft, Fairies? I would more so think of a qualified official!" I said gloatingly.
An hour passed, and we were getting close to the steps of the tower.

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We entered the tower, and met an abundance of the same creature we saw on the blue road, only with swords. All in unison their heads turned as they screeched like a Banshee, then flew towards the ceiling.
"My gods. That was loud!" Screamed Ashman.
I peeked my head around the corner and looked all around, but no creature was to be seen.

"I believe they're all gone." I said.
We walked out into the middle of the room and climbed the staircase that ran up the tower. Every so often there was a different shaped door. Some in the shape of trees, or in the shape of a Saradomin symbol.

We finally made it to the top floor. There it was:
The Beam of Life, and Death.
"What do you think is on the other side?" I asked.
"Surely riches no man could ever imagine, boy." Ashman replied making our way to the beam.
"Well, you gonna go first?" I asked jokingly.
"Don't be smart. This is no laughing matter." He said sternly.
"Okay, Okay, calm your self. I'm only joking, you old man." I retorted.
I swallow, stuck my hand in, and heard a voice that sounded like it was speaking backwards, saying:
"Cast down; In thy Stars: Know."
"Well, go in all the way, boy." He ordered me.
I choked up and pushed through. I fell into it immediately, and floated in a space-like atmosphere, stars all around me, but Ashmen didn't follow. I wasn't scared, because I felt nothing. I felt at peace and secure when suddenly a large voice that sounded like a mix between a woman, and a man boomed over my ears.

"Hello." it said.
I couldn't speak. I was stunned at how beautiful this voice sounded. I wanted to cry and find my place within the gentle emptiness, so I closed my eyes, and let myself be absorbed by this entity.
"I have been watching you on your journey, not just here, but through life. I must say you are a brave soul."

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-I am the breeze blowing on your skin, and am the stars in the sky."."
"Wow." I whispered.
"We know why you are here. You seek sanctity, you seek to be cleansed."
"How did you know?" I asked.
"Remember, we know all, and your intent was to come here, and demand it."
I floated there, speechless.
"We know the true wisdom, because we learn from you."
"Me? I am a nobody in my land, though." I replied
"Not just you, every one. From the smallest to the largest. We meditate on worldly issues, and give it divinity. We are the wisest in all of the world, but note, there are many. You are, but a series of inner-connected-ness to other planes of dimension."
At that exact moment I felt so small compared to the world.
"Do not be afraid of the paths that lie ahead, for they will be the most prosperous, and we promise that in the end, we will meet again."
I teared up, and thought of the peace I would look forward too.
"Thank you." I simply said.
"Now, we tell you this. The cleansing you look for is inside you. Learn from your mistakes, and live a kind life. Nothing lasts forever, not even your problems. We won't last forever, neither will you. Take these words, and hold them close to your heart young one, because just one day, maybe another young one will hold these same words close to their heart."

I felt everything around me slowly slip away, and suddenly I was back in the room with Ashman.
"What did you see!?" Ashman asked hastefully
"Your right, Ashman." I said
"Right about what?"
"Nothing lasts forever, and I'm glad we have this time now to share, but know it's not the end."
He helped me to my feet, and didn't say another word.
There was a portal to our right that lead us straight out to Gielinor in the forest behind Lumbridge.
In our hands were Acorns.
I said "Odd, don't remember these, do you?"
"Haha, Maybe-"

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These will come in handy."

He bent down and buried his in the dirt.

"May this tree grow, and prosper as our families do."
We patted each other on the back, and he said.
"Wanna get drinks later, at the Blue Moon Inn? Just so our entire trip wasn't all in vain?"
"Why not!" I said.
"It's a deal." He replied.
He walked off into the distance towards his home, and later that evening we had a great time telling stories to the fellow people at the bar, but just between you, and I, I don't think they could get the stories they were so drunk.

"Does that answer your questions, dear?" The old man asked.
"Yes, it does, thank you." The young girl said with a smile on her face.
The old man pats her head, and says.
"How about we go have some ice cream with uncle Mizgog?" He asks.
"Yes!" She says in excitement.
The man grabs his Oak staff. The little girl, and old man make their way down the road from the warm home in Lumbridge.

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