Vampyro Naktis {RP}

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*This Post affects all RPers involved.*

Let this story be a call to remember what happened to the children of the beleaguered nation of Sudovia It is a folk tale All Sudovians know well:

Sudovia once knew peace

a thousand years did our wars cease

We had our own traditions

Our land was to transition

From forested lands

To towns and cities

We left our hamlets

With our kids and pretties

We named a city Vilnias

It was named after our king

We thought it had a certain ring

At first we thought it hideous

So we kept on building.

It was here our king kept court

Dutif’ly reading reports

Governing his grateful people

From his castle on a steep hill

Our monarch was just

His fam’ly was fair

Coups were scarce and rebellions rare

Our main enemy had no lust

Nor the desire to pound us to dust

To the West of Sudovia

Was belligerent Lethornia

Who wanted to expand west

Because King Pierre thought it best

Sepr’rated by the Esun

Sudovia received a boon

For King Pierre was convinced

Of our insignificance

Pierre’s rein of war and strife

Would cost the young king his life

King Pierre was rough and cruel

Today we think him as a fool

That news was to our relief

But Sudovia was left in grief

For Velnias died

And Mathias became king

Soon we began celebrating

But across the Sanguine Sea

Events unknown befell on we

For we were all oblivious

To something quite insidious

In the lands of Sanguinos

Where the vampires do dwell

Events would soon transpire

That turned our land to twilit Hell

Some have said to colonize

Or to escape the dread howl

Of a murder heinous, brutal, and foul

Bur within the horrid year

The evil vamp scum were here

Spreading their evil disease

Spreading terror, hate and fear
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The elves were the first to see

the vampire enemy

Drugal proxies roused the king

For he would soon lose everything

He roused the dwarves; the Skyherd Fleet

To force the vampires off their feet

We were shaken to the core

Sudovia was off to war

With wooden stakes, and force of will

We fought the vamps upon a hill

We fought, and fought for months and years

But they played upon our fears

The vampires spotted weakness

And played upon drowish greed

And augmented their utter meekness

Allowing them to do their deed.

They left the elves, and returned home

The elves were crushed and now they roam

Sudovia's north frontiers

Avoiding vampiric fears.

The elves and drow in fear of man

Left man to do what we can

The Dwarf army crossed the Esun

Unaware of mankind’s doom

They marched with haste to meet our king

To link their armies for a crossing

But when the Dwarves met their allied

They found out our king had died

He suffered a bite in the neck

The royal palace a broken wreck

His family captured and bled dry

We roared a savage bitter cry!

But one royal did yet live

With no mercy left to give

With burning hatred in his heart

He burnt the hordes and carved them apart

Prince Metras, fifteenth in line

Fought in clothes dashing and fine

He used his fortune and fought in defiance

With a second Grand Alliance

With Sun Staff in his right hand

And Katana in his left

And with moves so fine and deft

He was on his way to free

His savaged destroyed country

Throughout the land, crucified vamps

Were set on fire; and used as lamps

He offered no quarter, accepted no deal

He offered them death by enchanted steel

Metras Should have been our king

But nobody foresaw his backstabbing

Patikimas, trusty son

Stabbed his father went, on the run

For sixty days we gave him chase

Until we stabbed him in the face
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In the confusion, Metras’ staff went missing

It was theft, and booty kissing

We did not know what it entailed

But by next day we knew we failed

For in one day we lost our might

Our blaring day turned to horrid night

A night lasting eternity

Shattering serenity

Unbeknownst to the Vampire Queen

Undoubtedly cackling

Did not count on the staff’s charm

so we avoided further harm

For Metras, our broken lord

Fought them with staff and sword

With wisdom did he forsee

His sleeping for eternity

The staff shattered in pieces of six

Preventing the vampires

From using foul tricks

And the vamps did not foresee

Metras hid his treasury

And so our resistance did live

We fight with hate; our lives we give

Our fighters remain strong and brave

For we will fight or be their slaves

Though the vamps indeed had won

With sorcery and Blackened Sun

Metras filled our hearts with hate

Our resistance will not abate.

We fight to honor those who died

We fight to honor those who turned

We fight to honor our own pride

We fight with those we had once spurned

~ The Legend of Metras: A Child’s Version
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Greetings, Cattle. I use the word ‘"cattle" because you have been captured, at some point in your life, by the vampyric hordes of Clan Gern, stripped of all possessions, clothes, dignity, and pride, and you are now little more than meat. A tasty morsel for the vampiric occupiers of your homeland of Sudovia, who have magically turned your former sunny, lively home into an eternal bloody night. After being trapped for months, years or decades, your prison is under attack from a few brave soldiers of a well-funded resistance, as well as the undead army of a crazy old resistance necromancer, named Vyras.

You feel emboldened to make your escape, and with the help of the crazy old necromancer's hordes of undead attacking your jail in Castle Gern, you believe you will never have another chance to escape unless you do so now. Though you are chained naked to the ceiling that hangs rather low, by one wrist, you notice that the attack has knocked instruments which you believe you can use your feet to pick up.

In addition, the vampires are distracted by the crazy old necromancer laying Castle Gern under siege. Up ahead in a chest are vampyric weapons which you can use to aid in your escape, clothes, ropes, and large hammers. You begin using your toes to attempt to pick up objects with which you can break free from your shackles.

“BRACE,” You hear someone shout in a guttural inhuman voice. Though you can’t see the specifics of the battle, you guess that a boulder is being hurled in your direction from a catapult. If you could brace, you would; all you can do is hope you don’t get squished into red paste by 7 ton mega-boulders. You close your eyes praying. Hoping against the all-consuming hopelessness that your story does not end here.
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Your prayers are seemingly answered when the incoming boulders miss your cell block and crash thunderously into the cell block next to yours, shunting millenia old stonework aside like trash. You resume picking through rubble for anything you can use to unhinge yourself from the ceiling. Miraculously you are also not hit when arrows slip through the slots in the castle walls designed for archers defending the castle.

You are even more surprised when one of the arrows unhinges the chain supports. The arrow head snaps into a scrap of metal small enough with which you can use to pry open your shackles or completely destroy the chain supports. What you decide to do is up to you, but you now have many options at your disposal for breaking out of your cell.

General Setting of the RP

Now what of this place? This Sudovia? Sudovia is known as the “Forest of Death.” the land is a mountainous forest with a sea of snow-covered evergreen trees, verdant grasslands covered in crimson blood-drenched snow. Long has it been a deadly place to live. Surrounded by the Sanguine Sea to the East, and the Esun Desert to the West. and nearly impossible-to-scale mountains to the north and south. Sudovia is uniquely isolated from the rest of the world, since most folks outside of Sudovia’s Western Border have to cross a scalding hot desert to get into. Sudovia’s closest neighbor to their western border is the kingdom of Lethornia. Lethornia does not allow anyone into the Esun. In the eyes of Lethornia’s king, he is too distracted by his war effort against Svairdia, its long-time enemy on its western border.
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Sudovia used to be a kingdom of its own with its own royal family, It is 1140 of the Ancient Era. For 500 years, Sudovia has lacked a royal family, or any remaining members of the original aristocracy to guide them. Sudovia is a lawless place. It is serenely beautiful, yet deadly. As if it were a vast mouse trap, and the mortals in its borders were the mice being lured into it. It was in this horrible, blood-stained country where you were born or raised. You were one of the lucky ones born outside the horrible conditions of Castle Gern. Most of Sudovia’s population is held captive in Castle Gern’s vast dungeons that go deep into the cliffs upon which the castle rests upon.

To the west of the Sanguine Sea are the vampire lands of Sanguinos. The Vampires of that land are always caught up by feuds by the 5 Great Houses of Sanguinos with towering skyscrapers and massive temples dedicated to the worship of blood. House Gern was once Great House number six, but the entirety of House Gern is now snacking on Sudovia’s population while shoring up vampire power to invade Lethornia and snack on their population. =)

Clan Gern is technically headed by Lord Tingus Gern, but his eccentricities have made him an embarrassment to the rest of the Great House. In actuality, Lady Balta Mirta, Lord Gern’s wife leads the highly patriarchal clan with a ruthless iron fist. For centuries she has tried to quash the Resistance, and she has largely failed to do so. Until tonight. As of tonight, the reign of the vampire rules eternal. Unless the Staff of Sol Invictus is re-forged, and the sun is summoned, The entirety of Sudovia will become cattle. Much as you are right now.
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Character Creation:

Before you create your character, I am going to give general information on the character you create.

1.You were born in Sudovia (if you are a human dwarf, elf, or drow or orc)

2.If you are a dwarf, you were either born in Sudovia, or you are from the dwarf city of Balvorrik

3.If You are a drow, you were born under Sudovia and came up to the surface for adventure (We are following D&D Lore with the Drows slightly) We are not rolling dice for D&D. Spells have infinite uses, hexes have infinite uses as well. If You want a male Drow cleric, you can do so. If you want an evil character, this is one of the races that suit you best. Especially if you want to be a vampire. =D

4.If you are a Drugal, or “birdman” in Sudovian slang You were born aboard the Skyherd Fleet of Airships that the Drugal live on, and you either left for adventure, business or you were exiled for crimes you committed. ( This is a good race to play if you want to be a selfish, evil prick) =)

5.If you are an orc, you were either born in a stronghold, or you were ostracized from your stronghold for being weak in the eyes of your chieftain.

6. Drugal may be a difficult race to rp as. I am not sure. To help you out, I will post a Drugal
Lore Thread to help you out if you choose to play as one.

7) There is no age limit. However your character cannot be younger than 16. Even the resistance won't allow an 8-15 year old to fight in a war. My character is 89 so there you have it. Keep in mind your character's lifespan, too, an elves and drow are immortal unless killed for example.
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Of course you can be any kind of character based on the races below. Your character is your character. If you want to be a crazy evil dwarf necromancer, (Spoiler alert, Dwarves make terrible mages, let alone necromancers. Not recommended, but it is your right to do so.) you can be one. Maybe this is a little restrictive, but I leave the rest of your character creation up to you.


Human: Like you or me. ( Unless you happen to be a Slorian somehow reading this RP from outer space) About 75% of humans are cattle in Castle Gern’s vast dungeons. They are kept chained up naked for feeding and breeding the next generation of cattle. The other 25% are members of the resistance. They are grizzled, hateful, angry and bitter individuals, and all are trained vampire hunters, are training to be vampire hunters, or are doing their best to supply the vampire hunters of the Resistance. They can use magic, and can be stealthy.

Elf: Slim, agile and lithe, Elves, specifically are super sneaky pointy-eared individuals that prefer the bow. At first glance, you might mistake them for humans, but elves, unlike humans, are immortal unless killed. Though the elves betrayed the humans during the beginning of the war 5 centuries ago, the elves and the humans have largely made up for their betrayal through centuries of helping them fight the vampires of their own accord. In time the humans and the elves set aside their differences and joined their armies together

There are three types of elves. wood elves, drow, and orcs.
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Dwarf: Short, hairy, bearded men, who love smithing, mining, battle, beer, and blowing things up. Though they can be mages, they make terrible spellcasters, due to a low mana pool. But the dwarves are crafty and inventive and have compensated for it with terracotta fire bombs, ice bombs, shock bombs, poison bombs, etc. As such, Dwarf mages are still pretty deadly even if they run out of their base pool of mana

Drow: Elves with dark blueish to black skin: pointy ears, and thin frames. They have great magical talents, even more so than wood elves. They have excellent ability to see in the dark. They are typically strong-willed, but have a weak constitution. They are also usually neutral or evil,in their actions and morals They are very proficient with necromancy. Their clerics are great with hexes, curses. The Drow are extremely selfish; a trait out of tune with elf culture as a whole which prioritizes the collective over the individual’s needs. This is the trait the vampires used to convince the drow to convince the elves to betray the humans. When all was said and done, the drow left to live underground. Soon after, the drow allied with the vampires.
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Drow have talents that are naturally enhanced when they become vampires. For example, their already exceptional talents in necromancy are even further enhanced. Their ability to see in the dark is also greatly improved. Thus the drow have allied with the vampires out of a sense of convenience. Got Pink? =)

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