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Hello, and welcome to my story thread; I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this.

This thread is an anthology of my short stories. Some stories will have multiple parts or chapters, some will be RuneScape-related and some will not.

I have improved immensely during my time here, and I highly suggest reading some of my more recent works, as they are much better in quality than my first submissions. Feel free to give feedback; I'm on a continuous search for new ways to improve my writing.

Also, do not expect total canonical accuracy, as some events in the RuneScape-related stories might conflict with existing/later released content (ROTM, for instance).

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!


My full-length story, Crown of Corruption can be found by clicking here

My... ahem, rather experimental story, The Monster Study can be found here


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~Table of contents~
-(Chapter) - (Page(s)), (Post(s))

The Hunt for Power
-The Thief - page 1, posts 3-6
--The Amulet of Dag'eth - page 2, posts 2-4
---The Fall of Misthalin - page 3, posts 1-4
----The Edicts - page 4, posts 7-9

Cursed - page 5, post 1

H'ween Story Competition entries
-Round 1 - page 5, posts 5-6
--Round 2 - page 5, posts 7-8
---Round 3 - page 5, post 9
----Round 4 - page 5, post 10-page 6, posts 1-2

Wintumber Story Competition entries
-Round 1, The Joy of Giving - page 7, posts 7-8
--Round 2, Demonic Tradition - page 8, post 10-page 9, post 1.

A Shattered Mind - page 9, post 2

Grief - page 9, post 9

The King is Dead Story Contest
- Hypocrisy - page 10, posts 5-7

April 2013 Story Contest
- Curiosity - page 11, posts 2-6

RED - page 11, post 9

BLANK - page 11, post 10

THE CURTAIN (LET IT FALL) - page 12, post 1

WINTER'S MOURNING - page 12, post 3
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~The Thief~

Calvar Arkin gawped in awe as he beheld the Tower - its great walls rising to immense heights before him. Never before had he seen a building of such magnificence. Even the vast size of King Roald's Palace seemed to pale into insignificance at the mere sight of this construction.

The Wizards' Tower was a jigsaw-puzzle of giant, grey boulders, all carefully chiselled to fit almost perfectly. The walls were decorated with countless beautiful ornaments.

As he approached, Calvar felt a peculiar humming in the back of his head. The Tower seemed almost to be alive, shimmering with an unexplainable power coming from within the structure. The wizards would probably be most unpleasant if they caught him, but he had to carry out his task. Calvar clearly remembered Zemouregal's words:

"Thou shalt bring it to me, and upon thy succesful return thou shalt be greatly rewarded!"

Calvar knew, that if he didn't return, his Master would hunt him down and have him flayed. Returning without the artifact which Zemouregal so desired, would probably yield an even more unpleasant punishment. Ergo, he had to complete his quest if he wished to stay alive.

He must aquire the staff of Dionysius - the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. Well, actually it wasn't really his staff. It was the long-forgotten Staff of Saradomin, and Zemouregal needed that staff more than anything.

Since Calvars Master had turned down his cousin Lucien's proposal of alliance, the feelings between the two Mahjarrat had been, to put it mildly, hostile. Now that Lucien had got his bony hands on both the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas, Zemouregal desperately needed something to counter the mighty powers of those artifacts - even if it meant using a holy, Saradominist object.

Why was Dionysius at the Wizards' Tower? Well, apparantly he was holding counsel with the rest of the Misthalinian wizards about an unknown matter.
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Calvar didn't understand why the Wise Old Man was even allowed into the Tower - not after the Wizards' Tower Robbery.

This was his only chance to steal the staff. Believe it or not, Dionysius' house was even more secure than the Tower!

There were no wizards outside the Tower. They were probably busy with that meeting of theirs. Still, Calvar wouldn't just waltz in through the front door. There might be some kind of magic security system, possibly involving all sorts of nasty things like giant fireballs and living corpses.

Calvar rubbed his hands together and drew out two climbing picks. He put one of them into a narrow crack in the wall. The other pick was inserted into a crack slightly higher up than the first one. Then, the stealthy thief started his ascend, using only his picks and the almost non-existent cracks between the boulders of the Tower wall.

When he reached a paneless window, he took a peek inside to make sure, that no-one was there. Calvar Arkin entered the Wizards' Tower. He didn't want to fight Dionysius if he could avoid it as rumors of the old man's powers were quite intimidating.

The meeting was being held in the basement, and Dionysius would probably have his staff close to him. Therefore, to get the staff, Calvar needed to create some kind of diversion. Suddenly, a mighty roar sounded, and the thief jumped, his heart beating like the hooves of a thousand horses. When Calvar had come to his senses again, he had a brilliant idea.

As silent as a sabre-toothed kyatt stalking its prey, the sly thief moved along the corridors of the Tower, until he reached the room, from which the bestial sound had come.

The Lesser demon was twice as high as Calvar, its skin was crimson and its long talons seemed to long for human flesh to cut. The only thing seperating the two from eachother were some fragile-looking metal bars. What he had in mind was risky, but Calvar Arkin was notorious for taking great risks when the situation demanded it.
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And he really needed to distract the wizards, somehow.

Calvar approached the gate in the wall of bars he drew a lockpick from one of the many hidden pockets in his tar-black attire. He was a highly skilled lock-picker, and it didn't take long before the metal gate swung open. For a moment the room was filled by a tense silence, but then the demon spoke:

"I sincerely thank thee for freeing me of my enslavement. Thou shalt remain unharmed even as I slay every other being in this accursed Tower!"

With those words, the demon left the room. Then it roared again, and the entire building seemed to tremble at the terrifying sound. The wizards would no doubt have heard that. Calvar had to get to the basement before Dionysius decided to assist the other mages in killing the demon.

On his way to the basement, Calvar had to hide in recesses or behind bookcases every time a group of wizards passed him. He was surprised how they managed not to stumble in their long, blue robes.

When he reached the basement, he heard talking. He warily peeked into the room, and saw both Dionysius and Sedridor, the leader of the Tower.

"That demon can't have escaped on its own!" Dionysius exclaimed, gesturing wildly.

"Don't worry, Dionysius, we have everything under control," the other man said.

Calvar had seen enough. Believing that they were safe, neither of the mages had their staff. The one he sought had to be somewhere in the basement.

It didn't take Calvar long to find it. It wasn't even locked up. The Staff of Saradomin was casually leaning against a chair in the basement meeting room. Calvar grapped it, and he couldn't help feeling quite powerful.

Unfortunately, the thief's exit was almost as stealthy as someone stepping on a Carnivorous chinchompa. As soon as he exited the Tower, the wizards on the battlements spotted him. Calvar ran as fast as could, wind rushes and fire surges whistling past him. If he could make it to the other side of the
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For a while, anyway. But he never made it that far.

Halfway over the bridge, a loud crash sounded behind him, and he turned around. For the first time in the history of Gielinor, a Lesser demon was flying. It wasn't a very long flight. The giant, crimson body crashed through the roof of the Tower, and whirled away from the building before landing in the water. The demon never surfaced again.

Then a deafening roar shook the very earth, and an enormous Mithril dragon erupted from the hole in the Tower. Upon the head of the dragon sat a Blue partyhat.

"By Zamorak's purple splitbeard!" Calvar muttered. "This isn't good..."

The dragon was upon him. It breathed fire, and engulfed the thief in flames. When the fierce beast's rage had settled, the Wise Old Man returned to his human form. He kneeled down, and took the Staff of Saradomin from the charred remains of Calvar Arkin.
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I really enjoyed this! You know, had you not told me that English wasn't your native language, I would never have known - your spelling and grammar are better than quite a few of the writers on these boards.
Your pacing and description were great. I particularly enjoyed 'As silent as a sabre-toothed kyatt' - you used a simile while relating it to RuneScape, which isn't something that I would ever have thought of doing. I applaud you for that.
I would encourage you to write some more shorts, maybe even a fully-fledged story! There are a lot of writing guilds on these forums that I'm sure would love to add you to their ranks.

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Wow, thanks for the great response! ^_^
I'd love to write more stories for this forum, but I don't think I'll be doing anything huge just yet, as I'm writing a novel in Danish.
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