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Guardian Sam, no, but I recommend you check out "The Word" clan/chat, which is the only chat in the Stories forum. (or join the friend's chat "Dreamweaver).

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~The Edicts~

"Both Saradomin and Zamorak were compelled by my power to cease their direct interference on my world of RuneScape as when last they walked my realm it was nearly destroyed by their squabbling.

There was no specific incident that hath caused this, I had simply had my fill of their wars destroying my beautiful planet and prevented them from interfering anymore. They are however both mightily powerful, and I cannot fully prevent their indirect actions upon the world."

- Guthix, God of Nature and Balance


Commodore Tyr looked up from the letter, his eyes wide open.

"Zemouregal has invaded Varrock again?!" he sputtered. "And Dimintheis was the first casualty! We must help restore balance before the Edicts are violated!"

Tyr turned his attention to Captain Korasi, who was standing by his side.

"How fast can we get a battalion to Varrock?" he asked the dark-haired female knight.

"It would take at least a week, Sir. Maybe more, if the weather isn't in our favour."

The commodore frowned.

"We don't have a week. How many runes do we have?"

Korasi's eyes went wide.

"Surely, you don't intend to..."

Tyr's expression hardened and he cut her off sharply.

"Don't you tell me what to do or what not to do, CAPTAIN Korasi! Need I remind you that I'm in charge here? Do we, or do we not have enough runes to teleport an entire battalion to Varrock?"

King Roald watched the battle with growing despair. Varrock had been completely overrun by Zemouregal’s dreadful zombies, and the remaining citizens were now making a last stand at the Royal Palace. The only ones, who did serious damage to the zombie army, were the mages. Unfortunately, there were not many of the Mistahlinian wizards left. Right now, King Roald could only hope that the Void Knights would arrive in time.
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Zemouregal sat on his undead warhorse, a broad grin upon his skeletal face. He watched with delight as his zombie army threw itself against the walls of the Palace again and again, more Varrockians falling with every attack.

“Today, I shall conquer Varrock, and tomorrow the rest of Misthalin shalt succumb to my will!” roared the Majharrat. He could not loose; not now. Or so he thought.

Suddenly, a bright light shined in the night. It seemed to descend from the sky until it reached the ground. Then the light disappeared, and Zemouregal’s army was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of staff-wielding, grim-faced Void Knights. Zemouregal’s red eyes flared with hatred as he yelled:

“Ye shall not stand in my way, pathetic followers of Guthix! I will not permit ye to interfere with this battle!”

A lone, female Knight stepped forward and spoke:

“You do not have the authority to demand anything of us, Zemouregal. As Guardians of the Eternal Balance, we are required to aid Varrock in defeating you.”

The Mahjarrat spat angrily.

“So be it,” he snarled. “Thy army poseth no threat to me. Ye shall all be annihilated!”

And so the fighting went on. At first, it seemed like the Varrockians, joined by the Void knights, actually had a chance now, but even though many zombies were finally put to rest by the whistling spells of the black-clad mages, there were simply too many.

The allied forces were driven back to the Palace Grounds, where the zombies started methodically butchering them. Zemouregal himself was just about to join the fight when, suddenly, a thundering voice spoke behind him:

“Thou hast grown powerful, cousin. Too powerful.”
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No, it could not be! Zemouregal turned his horse. There stood Lucien, pointing the Staff of Armadyl at his cousin. Lucien attacked with a mighty roar, and Zemouregal was thrown from the saddle. He got up again, and made his counter strike. A few minutes into this furious duel, all the surrounding fighting had ceased. Everyone – even the soulless zombies – was simply staring at the two mighty beings battling. And battle they did. They hurled balls of fire and bolts of lightning at each other, occasionally hitting a few of the perplexed spectators.

A collective gasp sounded from the onlookers as Lucien was hit by a massive fireball. The Mahjarrat lost the grip on the Staff of Armadyl and flew several meters through the air before landing on the hard cobblestone.

Zemouregal laughed.

“Thou canst not defeat me now, cousin, for I have the power of Dag’eth! And thou canst not bring thy fabled Stone here to help thee.”

Zemouregal only caught a glimpse of captain Korasi before she hit him with all her weight. Her hands clutched the Amulet and ripped it from the Mahjarrat’s neck. Quickly, she rolled around and came to her feet. And so did Lucien, who had also picked up his Staff again.

“It would seem, dear cousin, that thy precious talisman hath been taken from thee. Without it, thou art no match for me.”

Lucien pointed the Staff of Armadyl at his cousin, and a bright, green beam of pure magic was emitted from the tip. Zemouregal screamed as both his body and soul were obliterated. When Lucien lowered the staff, his cousin was gone and so were his undead minions. Lucien turned to Korasi, inclining his skeletal head slightly. Then he disappeared in a cloud of thick, black smoke.

The greatest enemy of Varrock had been defeated, and so Misthalin was safe. For now.
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