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I am only 14 so I am not thinking publicy but maybe if JaGex could be sent it by E-mail because 200-300 pages is alot to post on the forums, but I best start of small.
Your writting has inspired me and I want to be just as good as you some day.
My thoughts flow to other topics like just recently I desinged a front page and a back page of somethign completey of runescape topic.
my first question is did you do research before hand? or wa this all prior knowledge?
Runescape is my faviourte online game, so I thought combining two of the things I really enjoy into one I would be good at it but when comes down to kicking of my story I just dont know where to start so to put it in a nutshell where did you get your Ideas from?? i just cant seem to get any that dont go completey away from the rs story line.

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hey i was wondering......if i could get a spot in one of your story's? my traits are:
hobbys:killing stuff, skilling, as well as doing fun stuff.
name: questpurex10.
nickname: "veni, vidi, vici.

its ok if i dont get a spot but i would be really happy!

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@Sna33y Na33y
The only research I did was playing the game. When writing about RuneScape research isn't really needed, although it might be a good idea to find out how far you can shoot an arrow from a real-life bow, for instance.
When it comes to starting a story, I usually just think about a place or a character and start writing about that/them. Then the story will sort of develop itself as you describe characters and environments and you get more ideas for the plot.
So to sum up: Think about something (a place or an event) and/or someone you would like to tell a story about. Then just start writing. ^_^
I normally don't accept bios as I like to make up my own characters. Also, my RS stories don't portray RuneScape as a game, so the concept of "Skills", "Levels" and "XP" would not exist, if you know what I mean.
Maybe I could include your character in a story of mine sometime, but I can't promise anything. :)
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Official Wintumber Story Contest entry - round 2

~Demonic Tradition~

K’ril Tsutsaroth the Demon Lord had travelled home for the holidays. Home. That word seemed unable to describe the place, as it would imply a certain amount of safety. No-one was really safe in the Wilderness.

The Demon Lord glanced around the giant crater of the Wilderness Volcano, the place he called ‘home’. Although he originated from the Abyss, this was what he had come to know as his home on Gielinor. He had grown up in the great city there, which had long ago been reduced to floating ruins when Guthix threw the giant monolith from the sky to make an example of what would happen if anyone would be so stupid as to break the Edicts.

The reason for his coming to the Volcano was the Winter Solstice. For as long as he could remember, the demons had performed the ancient Ritual on Winter Solstice. Because the demons were beings of fire, they had always worshipped the Sun (it was, in fact, a common misconception that they worshipped Zamorak. They had merely fought with him in the God Wars). At Winter Solstice, the tradition of the demons demanded that one of their own kin be sacrificed so the fiery Sun would continue its course around Gielinor.

Of course the first demons soon discovered that the Sun had no need for assistance, but old habits die hard and the Ritual continued. Also, the demons quite enjoyed the entertaining show.

The demons were starting to gather. The Ritual was about to begin. K’ril waved gleefully at his old friend Kal’Ger the Warmonger, who had travelled all the way from the Dungeons of Daemonheim. The huge, brown demon waved back.

K’ril watched as the poor victim was dragged to the center of the crater and chained to a blue-glowing block. The fearful creature screamed in agony as the Arch Priest stepped forward and raised his hands for silence.

“Behold ye, a demon who hath volunteered to sacrifice himself for the benefit of ye all.”
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