Where did your name come from?

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Hello everyone!

This thread is all about your runescape name, where did it come from?

my story: my first runescape name was Jayki1. it was a nickname i had for a really long time, it started as jay** whitch was a (don't laugh) soldier from lego toys the knight in blue armour! :D but i changed it to jayki because it sounded more friendly, i even named my cat after it.

Ethek was just a random name i got from the internet, it sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

now it's your turn i hope i hear some silly stories aswell.

Just read the instructions.

02-Mar-2015 20:23:35

uncle pops

uncle pops

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I live in the studio & bang out my MPC Studio while I scape. So I chose the username MPC Studio. Hehe.

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06-Mar-2015 09:26:18

Chief Elf
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Chief Elf

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I can’t remember what my first character name was.. but I had met a friend called MoonElf Sage, we were chopping willows by Draynor Village.

He was such an amazing person. We roleplayed so much. Actually, roleplay must be the reason why I love RuneScape so much. We had such a bond together. Eventually, I changed my name to ‘Guthixian Elf’ or something like that. He really liked it. Then, I changed my name to “Clan Elf”.. and finally settled on “Chief Elf”.

Unfortunately, by the time I was Chief Elf, he had stopped playing RuneScape. I really miss him, he was so much fun.
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02-Oct-2021 05:46:30

Tor Forstung
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Tor Forstung

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I was seeking a name for my role-play characters next chapter. Something more fierce, more human. A friend of mine suggested Torolf as it means "Thor's Wolf"

I spun it into Torwulf. You can imagine that I do infact like wolves, I also learned that Tor means "Dare" and Daredevil was in my top 5 for superheroes. Dare Wolf didn't sound so bad.

That friend I mentioned is now my lover IRL by the way and will remain that way for the rest of my life.

17-Oct-2021 21:22:27

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