The Part Time Leprechaun

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This story is about an angry tool shed leprechaun who kills his bosses in Zanaris, and leaves his job to adventure Runescape only to anger the White knights who for no reason at all make him a wanted man, along the way, He'll realize just what it means to lead, and how to become a better person than he is.

Schmitty Fit*patrick: This unassuming tool shed Leprechaun is angry to have spent 2,000 years doing nothing but helping Players by storing their tools. Now he has had enough. he wants nothing more than a full on war with the Toolshed Leprechaun Service.

Patrick Fit*patrick. Schmitty's twin brother, he quits his job because he is now a wanted man. unlike Schmitty, Patrick loved his job. So now he is very angry at Schmitty for making him quit.

Sir Juntar Varze: Sir Amik Varze' son, he is hunting the two rebellious Leprechauns for his father.

Scottie: Just your average White Knight idiot, cant do anything right! but Juntar take him anyway because an angry leprechaun is a dangerous leprechaun.

Doctor Pedigree: This man is a mad scientist, a doctor, and a trained assassin who poisons targets in his hospital, He is also an frienemy of schmitty

Billy"Fireworks" Dean: he is a complete bigoted redneck ass hole who absolutely hates leprechauns he carries lots of explosives and shoots at random people for no apparent reason.

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Chapter 1 The Part Time Leprechaun (part 1)
Schmitty: taking all forms of tools here!
Player: can you hold my warhammer?
Schmitty: NO I CAN NOT HOLD YOU GUTHIX DAMN WARHAMMER!! * kicks the player in the shin*
Player: owwowowowowow! you kick hard
*Schmitty lights a ciggy*
Schmitty: Still taking all forms of tool here!
Player: here take all my sheers, I don't need them anymore
S**mitty: SURE SURE! give me all your Guthix damn sheers *takes the players sheers and cuts off the player's arm*
Player: what the hell was that for?
Schmitty: Just for ***** and giggles, mate! :)
Player: You meannie, Imma tell my mommy! *runs away crying*
Schmitty: * Yells at the player* Your mom is a computer animated **********!
* After a long day of working in the sun with no pay later*
Schmitty: Gah! useless players, They cant even go to a bank to deposite their tools
and *sees a four leaf clover* Yay A four leaf clover, *attempts to pick it up but he pulls out a troll*
*Troll attempts to kill Schmitty*
*Schmitty cuts off the troll's left arm with sheers*
Troll: your kidding, right? * his arm grows back*
Schmitty: DAMMIT, TAKE THIS YOU ******* TROLL!!!!
Sticks a grenade up the troll's butt and runs*
*Grenade explodes sending a glorious amount of blood*
Troll's boyfriend: Dammit That was my boy friend! you will pay for that!
Schmitty: NO I WONT! places a mine down
Troll: DIE!!! *steps on the mine*
Troll: oh fml!!! :( *blows up* *troll drops a four leaf clover*
Schmitty: That was fun!
*Epic Irish music plays*
*end of part one*
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So the two trolls in the first chapter were g@y? Huh, lol. Just for the record, I'm a half supporter of g@ys. I'm okay when people like eachother, even two men or two women, but I find it illogical that a man or woman can believe that they can reproduce with the same gender.

anyways, bio!

Name: Dr. Pedigree
Age: 32
Friend of Schmitty/ Enemy of Schmitty: In between. He'll help Schmitty or the enemy. Whichever gives him more money. Kind of like Deadpool.
Aura: Good/Evil/ inspired by personal interest: Inspired by personal interest. He gets paid to do his job, and that's being a doctor. Although he better specializes in the veterinary medical field.
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