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Hello all,

In creating a game thread, I wanted to avoid the somewhat overused 'counting' threads. Whilst I love those threads, this is something a little different, and hopefully poses a slight challenge!

This thread follows the traditional A-Z threads, being very similar to the A-Z of films thread. We take it in turns to post the name of a musician or band, in alphabetical order.

Owner's History:
V1 - Trewavas
V2 - Trewavas


Player 1)
Adam Lambert,
Player 2)
Bob Geldof,
Player 3)
Cat Stevens,

...and so on. Once Z is reached, the posting starts over!


- All RuneScape rules apply -
- Don't double post! -
- Both artist names and band names will count -
- Words following 'The' will count as a letter, eg: 'The Clash' can be used for C -
- Try and use forenames only! -

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