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Breath Mint

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Welcome to version 3 of Hurt or Heal: RS Cities!


- Each city will start with 25 points
- The point cap is at 50 points
- No double posting (This includes logging on multiple accounts to continue posting)
- No kill stealing (I will credit eliminations to whomever I feel deserves it)
-Acceptable moves are:

Heal (+1)
Hurt (-1)
Heal & Hurt (+1, -1)
Heal & Heal (+1, +1)
Hurt & Hurt (-1, -1)
Double Heal (+2)
Double Hurt (-2)

Two quick changes for this thread:

- The post limit has been removed
- Prifddinas (A.K.A. Elf City) has replaced Tyras Camp on the list

Note to all players: If you heal or hurt a city which has already been eliminated or heal one that has reached the cap of 50 points, your post will be deemed invalid. You do not have to update the score in your post, but it is strongly recommended to avoid confusion.

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Breath Mint

Breath Mint

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1st Place: Shilo Village

2nd Place: Port Sarim

3rd Place: Nardah

4th Place: Tree Gnome Stronghold - Jokku23
5th Place: Brimhaven - Breath Mint
6th Place: Lumbridge - Breath Mint
7th Place: Falador - Jokku23
8th Place: Seers' Village - Breath Mint
9th Place: Canifis - Jokku23
10th Place: Rellekka - Jokku23
11th Place: Entrana - Breath Mint
12th Place: Catherby - Breath Mint
13th Place: Pollnivneach - Lady Zion
14th Place: Port Khazard - Breath Mint
15th Place: Etceteria - Jokku23
16th Place: Rimmington - Lady Zion
17th Place: Burthorpe - Breath Mint
18th Place: Al Kharid - Lady Zion
19th Place: Port Phasmatys - Breath Mint
20th Place: Varrock - Breath Mint
21st Place: Mort'ton - Breath Mint/Ownage
22nd Place: East Ardougne - Serperior
23rd Place: Sophanem - Jokku23
24th Place: Burgh de Rott - Jokku23
25th Place: Taverley - Serperior
26th Place: Keldagrim - Jokku23
27th Place: Lunar Isle - Jokku23
28th Place: Draynor Village - Do Worker
29th Place: Meiyerditch - Jokku23
30th Place: Lletya - Do Worker
31st Place: Tree Gnome Village - Breath Mint
32nd Place: Tai Bwo Wannai - Lady Zion
33rd Place: Piscatoris Fishing Colony - Ownage
34th Place: Gu'Tanoth - Breath Mint
35th Place: Yanille - Ralvash
36th Place: Miscellania - Ralvash
37th Place: Dorgesh-Kaan - Jokku23
38th Place: Darkmeyer - Serperior
39th Place: Void Knights' Outpost - Ralvash
40th Place: Witchaven - Jokku23
41st Place: Mos Le'Harmless - Lady Zion
42nd Place: Zanaris - Ralvash
43rd Place: Neitiznot - Jokku23
44th Place: TzHaar City - Ralvash
45th Place: Jatizso - Jokku23
46th Place: Prifddinas - Do Worker
47th Place: Oo'glog - Jokku23
48th Place: West Ardougne - Lady Zion
49th Place: Ape Atoll - Do Worker
Last Place: Edgeville
- Eliminated by Kiara

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Breath Mint

Breath Mint

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Most eliminations all-time:

Ralvash - 27
Breath Mint - 17
Joshyway - 14
Zoj - 12
Rykros Wolf - 8
Lady Zion - 4
Jimsun - 3
Jokku23 - 3
Aei - 2
Ashlin107 - 2
Parricidal - 2
Samsaurus99 - 2
Spicy Friday - 2
Yingyangboy6 - 2
ZamorakZaros - 2
Cyanide X - 1
Nuke Yelps - 1
Rebral - 1
Two Mirrors - 1

Most eliminations V3:

Jokku23 - 15
Breath Mint - 13
Lady Zion - 6
Ralvash - 5
Do Worker - 4
Serperior - 3
Kiara - 1
Ownage - 1
Bent Truth - 1

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Breath Mint

Breath Mint

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Thread information:

V1 - June 27th, 2013 to August 5th, 2013 - 1482 posts

V1 Winner: Port Phasmatys

V1 2nd Place: Sophanem

V1 3rd Place: Dorgesh-Kaan

V1 Last Place: Entrana


V2 - August 5th, 2013 to September 15th, 2014 - 1234 posts

V2 Winner: Port Phasmatys

V2 2nd Place: Nardah

V2 3rd Place: East Ardougne

V2 Last Place: Lumbridge


V3 - September 15th, 2014 to March 12th, 2015 - 1104 posts

V3 Winner: Shilo Village

V3 2nd Place: Port Sarim

V3 3rd Place: Nardah

V3 Last Place: Edgeville

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Breath Mint

Breath Mint

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Full V1 results:

1st Place: Port Phasmatys

2nd Place: Sophanem

3rd Place: Dorgesh-Kaan

4th Place: Miscellania
5th Place: Varrock
6th Place: Edgeville
7th Place: Nardah
8th Place: Zanaris
9th Place: Draynor Village
10th Place: East Ardougne
11th Place: Catherby
12th Place: Mos Le'Harmless
13th Place: Void Knights' Outpost
14th Place: Brimhaven
15th Place: Piscatoris Fishing Colony
16th Place: Neitiznot
17th Place: Etceteria
18th Place: Yanille
19th Place: Seers' Village
20th Place: Tree Gnome Village
21st Place: Lletya
22nd Place: Burthorpe
23rd Place: Tree Gnome Stronghold
24th Place: Lumbridge
25th Place: Falador
26th Place: Hemenster
27th Place: Al Kharid
28th Place: Taverley
29th Place: Ape Atoll
30th Place: Darkmeyer
31st Place: Pollnivneach
32nd Place: Keldagrim
33rd Place: Lunar Isle
34th Place: Shilo Village
35th Place: Musa Point
36th Place: Rellekka
37th Place: TzHaar City
38th Place: Bandit Camp
39th Place: Tyras Camp
40th Place: Rimmington
41st Place: Prifddinas
42nd Place: Jatizso
43rd Place: Port Sarim
44th Place: Menaphos
45th Place: Mort'ton
46th Place: Witchhaven
47th Place: Port Khazard
48th Place: Tai Bwo Wannai
49th Place: Oo'glog
50th Place: Barbarian Village
51st Place: Gu'Tanoth
52nd Place: Goblin Village
53rd Place: Burgh de Rott
54th Place: Meiyerditch
55th Place: West Ardougne
56th Place: Uzer
57th Place: Canifis
Last Place: Entrana

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Breath Mint

Breath Mint

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Full V2 results:

1st Place: Port Phasmatys

2nd Place: Nardah

3rd Place: East Ardougne

4th Place: Etceteria
5th Place: Piscatoris Fishing Colony
6th Place: Jatizso
7th Place: Mos Le'Harmless
8th Place: Lunar Isle
9th Place: Miscellania
10th Place: Tree Gnome Stronghold
11th Place: Tree Gnome Village
12th Place: Neitiznot
13th Place: Shilo Village
14th Place: Pollnivneach
15th Place: West Ardougne
16th Place: Keldagrim
17th Place: Burgh de Rott
18th Place: Witchaven
19th Place: Rellekka
20th Place: Zanaris
21st Place: Mort'ton
22nd Place: Entrana
23rd Place: Lletya
24th Place: Rimmington
25th Place: Edgeville
26th Place: Varrock
27th Place: Seers' Village
28th Place: Dorgesh-Kaan
29th Place: Oo'glog
30th Place: Al Kharid
31st Place: Catherby
32nd Place: Darkmeyer
33rd Place: Port Sarim
34th Place: Falador
35th Place: Tai Bwo Wannai
36th Place: Port Khazard
37th Place: Brimhaven
38th Place: Yanille
39th Place: Tyras Camp
40th Place: Draynor Village
41st Place: Gu'Tanoth
42nd Place: TzHaar City
43rd Place: Taverley
44th Place: Ape Atoll
45th Place: Void Knights' Outpost
46th Place: Meiyerditch
47th Place: Canifis
48th Place: Burthorpe
49th Place: Sophanem
Last Place: Lumbridge

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