Forum Games Rules

Forum Games Forum Guide What is the Forum Games Forum for?

Itís for having fun! Post your creative games. They could be word games, number games or rap battles. :)

While you're having fun, please make sure to treat these threads as games - posts with "count to 50" without any reason to them are not games, they're post farming. Come up with a fun reason for players to post!

The community decided that JMod counting threads should be limited to one thread; please do not create threads such as "count to 50 before Mod Mark" - keep it to the sticky JMod count!

In Regards to remaking threads that have been maxed out (2000 posts on the thread):

1. Current owner has listed on post 1 who has permission to remake the thread:
Those listed can re-make it. If those listed are inactive, default to point 3.

2. Current owner has listed no one and has been active in forum games: The thread owner is given two weeks to recreate the game thread. If someone remakes the thread immediately, that new thread will be locked.
After two weeks if the thread has not been recreated, anyone can remake it and the first thread created is the one that is used.

3: Current owner has listed no one and has not been active in forum games (or on the forums):
Thread can be recreated immediately, with a stipulation that the previous owner can reclaim the thread within the first two weeks if they wish.

ACTIVE is defined as having posted on the forums within the last three months