Construction. Updates needed

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ADDED: I have added a post. On page 42. 09/07/14.


This was under the heading

Future Game Updates

A Forum Mod has moved it here. See page 8.


My Thread

Jagex. What about giving us future

Construction skill updates.

Your Behind the Scenes updates (EDIT: I created this Thread in November 2011)

are always mostly to do with giving us combat updates.

On the forums there has been a lot about the Construction skill, and asking you (Jagex) the question

when are we going to have Construction skill updates?

Construction skill is my favourite skill, and I am not alone here.

I am one very frustrated RuneScape player.



On page 4 of Jagex's Thread

Behind the Scenes: June 2013

I added the post

Construction skill. update.

I just hope it's a update we been asking for.

My Thread is 31 pages (EDIT: and growing) long now.

Construction. Updates needed

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(EDIT: This Thread is no longer with us. It has gone to the place where Thread's go after they have died. Which is a shame. It was a very interesting Thread)

Construction Thread

Long Needed Construction Stuff
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Jagex please look at this Thread.
Capt Mentos has put a lot of effort in putting this together. Please look.

Construction Update?

Is another interesting thread I have come across. And needs support.

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King Arther on page 16 makes a very good point.

Distant Mist on page 20 makes a good list of Construction updates Iĺm sure we all would like to see. Jagex please read.

the Beautiful
Madam_Dawn on page 30 wants a party room. Great idea.

There have been a lot of valuable posts added to this Thread. Jagex please read all pages.

I wish you (Jagex) would add a post.

Please keep adding your posts. And I thank you all for your posts so far.

No room to add more.

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@ DragonChixx- a long long time ago in a Q+A session mods had brought up that they were working on Construction updates. About 2 years ago or a year ago.
And according to a reliable insider source, we were supposed to get construction updates by the end of the year.
However- I think a long time ago what they were actually working were Clan Citadels. I bet they were going to have it be part of your house or construction, but soon became it's own thing altogether.
In the past few months Jagex has been looking at and asking for Construction suggestions. This likely means that they are working on Construction updates but they won't be released for a good while.
Construction needs more- more decor, more rooms, more use, more fun.
I have been waiting for ages to redo my house (years actually) because I do not want to waste money redoing my house then redoing it a second time when new updates appear.
Constructions updates would be wonderful. IMO woodcutting and agility have gotten more updates than Construction.
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Jagex is planning to work on Construction next year (2012). They mentioned this in the Player Feedback Library, Seventh Session, 12th(?) quote. It's easier to hit ctrl+f to open the "find" function and type in "Construction" and go to the second find.
Here's the QFC: 74-75-131-63193923
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