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1. Eagles Peak bush

- Last seen at the evergreens west of the monkfish colony

2. Feldip rock

- Trapped inside the south wing of Ardougne Castle
* Please close doors *

3. Wizards' Tower bush

- Trapped in the house southeast of Blue Moon Inn in Varrock
* Please close doors *

4. Ice Mountain rock

- Trapped at Edgeville yews, south of bank
* Please spy away from the entrance *

5. Central Karamja bush

- Trapped at Hajedy's hut in Brimhaven

2 points

6. Miscellania bush

- Trapped at the dungeon entrance inside Miscellania Castle grounds
Quest requirement: Complete Fremennik Trials

7. Neitiznot rock

- Confined to the town island
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

8. Southern Desert cactus

- Trapped inside L-shaped building south of Sumona in Pollnivneach
* Please close the curtain *

9. Ape Atoll barrel

- Confined to the jungle outside the town gates
Quest requirement: Start Monkey Madness

10. Mort Myre toadstool

- Trapped inside the northwest room of Fenk's Castle
* Please spy from outside of its room *

11. Ghost penguin (3 points)

- Could be anywhere; use hint and scan on device
Quest Requirement: Complete Some Like It Cold and Obtain a Ring of Visibility/Sliske's gift

12. Lunar Isle rock

- Last seen at the Suqah northeast of town
Quest requirement: Start Lunar Diplomacy

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

The polar bear (1 point) is inside
Musa Point
well, south of the banana plantation.

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