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The Herdsman

The Herdsman

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1. Current Runescape Name (and recent RSNs): the herdsman

2. Current Clan Chat Name: Advocates of chaos

3. Previous PvP/Warbands related FC's and reason for leaving them: wildy247 the fc hasnt been pking much as a group

4. State the name of your vouch here (if none: how did you find out about the FC?): Forum searched pvp and warbands this popped up

5. Reason for applying to PkFC: keen to join an actuve pvp team and learn more about EOC pking as ive msotly been on legacy after returning due to covid lockdown.

6. How often do you plan on using this FC?: probably every day

7. We use Discord to communicate during Warbands, will you be able to join and listen?: Yeah

8. Wars are not mandatory in this FC, but we do however protect each other if hostile players show up; will you be willing to attack them in multi with us?: give it my best shot

9. On a scale of 1-10 what is your PvP experience?: was heavy into pvp back in 2005-2008 quit for a long time and came back in 2011-2012 then quit again until 2020 to now.

10. What gear and weapon will you be using?: most likely royal d hide with wyvern bow

11. Are you willing to add “PkFC” to your Friends List? (required): Yes

12. There is an additional question in the rules that requires a response here, please read through them carefully:

24-Aug-2021 10:04:31

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