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Hey there! I just started getting back into the game again and need to get that 120 herb and farm so looking for a good warbands chat and yours seems like it fits the bill :P so I am interested in joining.

15-Apr-2020 23:00:54

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As a special side note, I would like to extend my sincere gratefulness to five people who freed up their time and made it to the first ever boss mass this FC had organized :)

In no particular order, other than alphabetical, thank you Astina, BoltingSloth, Ionbera, Peachy xo, and Zed XR :D

We did one hour of Gregorovic yesterday and ended up with a 4.5mil split :)

These kind of masses will be a regular occurrence and will happen every weekend (still to be determined whether Saturday or Sunday) at 17:00 GMT (game-time clock).

Other than that, there might be an irregular mass every now and then during the week, depending on the number of people interested, while the current lock-down situation for many of us is in power.

For all follow-up questions, pm me in-game ;)

Kind regards,

22-Apr-2020 08:58:37

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