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Thank you QuesingoF, Steegol and Tiarnaich for your kind words, glad to have you with us. As for Condow and Ahboo Smart, I added you guys so just add me and I'll tell you how to join and you can start running with us immediately :)

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Was one of those people @ tents that got asked if they did it alone :P anyone out there that solo runs cuz dont want bother getting royal crossbow or just lack cb lvl cuz w/e reason should check it out.

Most of time there few of us lurk in fc even outside wb just cuz

15-Mar-2019 18:26:35

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My game was stuck in legacy mode and apparently my private was turned off and I didn't realise :( I'm sorry dude I didn't even see your message but I messaged you back now, understood if it's too late, very sorry

17-Mar-2019 12:18:27

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