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Recent World 60 Locations

1. Gnome Stronghold bush - last spyable over fence, southeast of Eagle's lodestone

2. Desert cactus A - last in swamp east of Sophanem, near fallen pillar

3. Al-Kharid cactus - last at Citharede Abbey east of Al-Kharid, north office room

4. Death Plateau/Burthorpe rock - cannot leave path to Death Plateau

5. Sawmill crate - cannot leave fenced sawmill area

6. Wilderness rock - last at Deserted Keep/lever, lvl 50s

7. Lletya toadstool - cannot leave town, can roam up to tree gate

8. Keldagrim rock - last in Blast Furnace building

9. Castle Wars rock - last at Ardougne jade vine mansion, west of market

10. Sophanem cactus - last in northeast temple/bank building

11. Ghost Penguin - teleports frequently, check spy device for hints

12. Desert cactus B - last in house south of Sumona in Pollnivneach

Polar Bear - Ardougne well, at player-owned farm

Circus - Cooking Guild

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