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Strategy for competing Vault of Shadows

The Vault of Shadows miniquest requires an active Pylon, or for you to activate the 8 shadow anchors in Kharid-et with 10 batteries each. Now that the active pylon is getting really slow (7-10 hours) it may be impossible to find a suitable time. Furthermore, the 30 minutes is often not enough for people to finish everything they need to do.

Hints and tips:

1. Make sure you have everything else done and ready. 30 minutes is only just enough time to do everything than you need to do after the pylon goes active!
2. Check you have a ring of visibility with you just in case! Several players have found they needed it even if they thought the "gift of sliske" would give them permanent access to see the shadow realm,
3. The 500 memories can easily take a lot of time, so try the w79 group divination world for shortest time to collect as they have almost constant enriched pools. The minimum you need is vibrant energies or higher.
4. Good luck!

Consider collecting 80 batteries and charging the shadow anchors. This is a permanent unlock!

The AFK rate at which you get batteries approaches 1 per minute at higher archaeology levels at any of the excavation spots it seems, but it may be slower at lower levels.

The fastest way is probably to do 3x Zaros-1 collections, or 1x Zaros 2 collection and hand them to Soran the collector south of Varrock West bank. You will collect the remainder of the 80 batteries easily whilst doing these.

Note that if it is the first time ever you hand in Zaros-1, you will get a relic piece reward instead of 20 batteries, and in that case you may need to do 4x Zaros-1 .

It may seem like a waste of time, but you will get good XP, potentially tick off some achievements, and the ghost legionnaires give you noted materials rewards which are well worth it.

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Time to get 80 batteries for shadow anchors

collections[ for Soran -

collections for Soran -

excavation -

You should get around 1 battery every 74 seconds, or 49 per hour. 80 batteries will take around 100 min.

* i tested using full lvl120 arch outfit, cosmic accumulator but not following the sprite. you will be a bit slower at lower levels but it also depends a bit on how lucky you are in getting no duplicate artefacts. Zaros-2 duplicates take much more time than Zaros-1 duplicates.

Zaros-1 it took me 38min to get the collection with 7 extra artefacts. I got 17 batteries during that time as some time is spent in areas where you get no batteries. I made 100k in chronotes after accounting for the material costs.

Zaros-2 it took me 100 min to get the collection with 5 extra artefacts and 65 batteries during that time. As such i had 35 batteries extra. I made 450k in chronotes after accounting for the material costs

Of course check if you have any artefacts already in your bank, as that should speed things up!

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New Senntisten mini Digsite

Due out Monday 16th August, the following was revealed from this week's twitch stream:

Excavation spots spanning level 60-70 range
18 new artifacts repaired with existing materials
20 new lore pages (remember your lore hound!)
3 new mysteries
New research
New collector at bandit camp lode and 8 new collections
Ancient gravel soil
100 Glass fragments to repair stained glass windows for xp
New relic – “grace of shadows” gives 50% mobile effect
Some linked achievements – needed for comp capes

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