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ArixoPaw said:
Recent World 60 Locations

1-Point Penguins

- 1. Eagles' Peak Bush - last at Ardougne Jade Vine mansion (Handlemort)
- 2. Feldip Rock -NE market house, Ardougne
- 3. Wizards' Tower Bush - last in Draynor Manor, NW rooms
- 4. Ice Mountain Rock - last in Falador farmhouse bedroom
- 5. Central Karamja Bush -
last roaming east outside of Shilo village gate


- 6. Miscellania Bush - last in Etceteria Castle wall
- 7. Neitiznot Rock - confined to the town island
- 8. Desert Cactus - last in Pollnivneach, house south of Sumona
- 9. Ape Atoll Barrel - confined to the southern part of the island
- 10. Mort Myre Toadstool - last in Slayer Tower
- 12. Lunar Isle Rock -
last roaming west outside town wall

- 11: Ghost (3 points) - use your Penguin spy device for a hint and scan, teleports every ~10 mins. Check ghost-penguin channel or FC for recent call.

Polar Bear (1 point) - in Musa Point well, south of the Banana Plantation.

Wandering Yak - last at Farmer Fred's north of Lumbridge, please close gates

19-Sep-2021 20:45:59

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