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Happy new year, fellow minigamers!

Loki said:
I've gone through the list of friends chats and clans to see what is and isn't active anymore, and updated the list. I have also removed any chats which cannot be accessed anymore to confirm whether they're actually still active or not.

Thanks for keeping this place up to date, Loki. It's a very useful resource to have. Wound up having some great Great Orb Project games yesterday thanks to your thread. Just some of the errors that you seem to have missed that I have found, however:

Sadly, Trah Fun has been a defunct FC since 2019. The chat sits at 0/100 and their thread has had no post since they died following Jagex's replacement of harmonised rocks with randomly generated light/dark animica in 2019. However, Harmed Ore continues to be active via their FC and discord.

Secondly, Soulobby would be an awesome re-addition. Not sure why they were removed? They've helped me tremendously with finally getting 120 slay from scarabs and gaining reputation. Their FC/forum thread/discord are all very active. Quick find code: 75-76-204-65986967

Also, any reason the biggest penguin fc isn't there? Quick find code: 75-76-404-66195839 , or even the w71 version.

And like all of the warbands FCs and threads are non-existent/dead/old. Though, if we were to be honest, wbs FCs are for losers. No offence.

Lastly, the Hall of Memories FC - Corehunting (quick find code: 75-76-487-66082063) - I think would be appropriate for here, as would perhaps the wildy wyrm FCs.

Look forward to you making these amendments. Great work fighting the good fight for these minigames that we love. Thank you.

05-Jan-2021 02:03:42

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