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Prince Satan

Prince Satan

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Why do you want to join us as a Rank and what interests you in our FC and this activity?
Beause it looks like a well organised clan, just what I am looking for!
• Do you have any past experiences in moderating other FC's? If so, which FC(s)?
I do indeed, my own being the ForcesofSatan!!!! Apart from that I am still looking for experience.
• Are you Highly knowledgeable in Jagex's Rules and understand what is allowed and what is not?
Most certainly I've been playing since 2006 possibly even before.
* Do you agree on all of our FC rules? If not, which rule you disagree with and why?
I agree to all. I pledge my allegiance!!!
• Do you understand that you are Expected to moderate while you are inside the FC? (You are NOT obligated to join the FC though)
• Did you read, understand, and agree with all the guidelines regarding the Ranks?
I had a good read and I agree.
* What is your Time-zone?
NZ CAN (GMT+13) 9:35pm
• Do you understand that Ranks are ONLY volunteers to help making the FC a better place, and being ranked is not an achievement nor something makes you better than anyone else?
I understand that completely. After all, I am the Dark Lord.
• Do you have any suggestion to how we can improve our Guides, Rules, and ranks guidelines? (You are more than welcome to suggest in the future too!)
We should unite to bring Clan Wars back to life!!!!! I've taken enough souls in this one
Your Dark and Mighty Lord Lucifer!!!!!! 666

02-Jan-2021 09:00:11

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