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Sep Member 2021


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Username: jbubbs26

Pure/Zerker/Obby/Main? Main

Timezone: US EST

Combat Level: 73

Attack Level: 51

Strength Level: 56

Defence Level: 52

Range Level: 55

Magic Level: 58

Prayer Level: 43

What are you looking for in a clan, and why did you chose to apply to us?

I used to play hardcore years ago but have since lost my main account. I recently got back into the game and want to learn how to PVM. When i used to play my only source of income came from pking and I never really learned how to play the game or do quests and I want to change that this time around. I have a son and family to take care of so I'm hardly hardcore but want to learn the end game content and have fun with the game again.

What do you look forward to?

Bossing and learning the higher end content of the game and how to consistently earn gold while doing it.

29-Sep-2021 18:07:34

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