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Hey everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my post. If you're here, you might be a beginner or intermediate PvMer looking to tackle some harder content. Whatever your skill level, whether you're completely new to the game or an experienced veteran player, we can help!

For starters, here's some background information about our clan "Error 404 Woops" - Officially, we're a Social/Community clan but since I enjoy PvM, we have an emphasis on PvM as well. We're on the smaller side with around 60 players and most players are from the EU/UK though we have a good number from the US/Canada as well. I am not looking to recruit just any players for numbers, I want active people who I can pass on knowledge to that I can PvM with. We are working towards are T5 citadel and capping is not mandatory but appreciated. We also have a clan discord with bot/tracking functions that can be helpful to you.

So what can I/we offer you? Well for extremely new players, I can offer ED3 leeching and of course general PvM knowledge and we can ease you into PvM. For intermediate players I can help you with optimizing your dps, what upgrades to go for, etc. For more experienced players we can just do PvM together as you probably don't need the help. Currently we offer every boss excluding Solak and AoD (though we are currently working on Solak). We also don't do raids as a full clan, usually just a few members and fill everything else.

Overall, my goal is to recruit players who enjoy PvM. Usually I look for beginner players as a lot of experienced people tend to be on the more elitist side and I want a nice laid back environment in the clan where people aren't afraid to ask questions and learn. If we sound like a clan that might be the right fit for you please don't hesitate to contact me in game or through discord (Softpastries#7702).

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