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For all those out there looking for a place to learn, progress and PVM! Come visit us at 'Into the Light'!

We are a casual and learning PVM clan, and hopefully we can be a home to some of you!

As standard we have
- Multiple raids weekly
- Vorago sessions
- Aod sessions
- Teaching and help for every boss in the game!
- NO requirements for entry

We will help any member or guest of any level progress to their highest level, teaching bosses they are ready for and roles they wish to learn, feel free to join our discord below to guest, join and PVM! If you want a clan invite just ask in here!
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Wouldn't recommend. Large in-active hours and the clan was founded by tearing all the members away from another clan owner (not me). Plus the entire ranking system and clan rules were copied off another clan which has now also died. Join if you wish to have guests run the show while leadership sits back and lets their friends do or say anything they want! But you never know, it could be the right clan for you! Check it out for yourself!
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30-Aug-2021 17:39:52

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